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Itchy in my throat and palate feeling terrible sad

Hi I started on erfa thyroid a month ago now I am in one grain and since two days ago I am having a really bad itchy in my throat and in my palate.

I noticed that I can''t breathe properly, and I an hungry all the time. I went to the supermarket and I almost fainted in front of the cashier I am having dizzinness all the time and worst when I went out to do my rutines..

I am thinking maybe this itchy is that I am in a low dose or maybe I am allergic to erfa?

Please I have a flight in one week and I dont know what to do...

I have my blood results coming on thursday,and I have not increased erfa yet due to I increased yesterday and now I am in one grain only in the morning.I think that this take time to notice anny difference ....I am right?Do I have to icrease a litte more or wait two weeks as normally recommend?

My iron annd ferritin are ok just low in vitamin d and I am taking ssupplement.

Thank you very much

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Hi lunera, could it be anything to do with the bad pollution at the moment, do you think? A week ago, I started with a sore throat and mucus feeling in the back of the throat. Was sneezing a bit, too. thought I was getting a cold, but it didn't develop into anything. Just today, I'm starting to feel better. I'm sure things like that make us feel worse.


Hi Artemis today I have a little temperature and my eye is infected.

I can't still breathing properly I am so scaaared I think I will go back to levo I am not feeling well on levo but much better than its something.

I cant stand this situation annymore. i was fine before I sstarted using levo six month using it and then the hell started...and since 2012 my life is a nightmare..


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