Frozen shoulder???

I keep getting frozen shoulder, it's so painful and unhelpful for my job (healthcare personal assistant) I'm losing my mind with it as the only thing that works for me is anti inflammatory creams/pills, I can't really take these too often with my asthma. Never had this before my Thyroid went loopy, anyone have any good tips for natural pain relief??? It hurts so much I could cry!!!

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  • Sorry to hear about your poorly shoulder. Do you have your latest test results and what dose are you on ? Also have you had the basics tested - B12 VitD Ferritin Folate Iron ? I found high doses of D3 helped painful joints and muscles....have also read there is a connection between frozen shoulder and thyroid issues.... Magnesium ?

  • I haven't seen my last test results as of yet, I'm waiting for my doctor to come back next week. Had a load of tests done 2 weeks ago because of my blood pressure ( 166/85 ) but got told all normal (yeah ok) I will have to ask when I see him tho I only recently found out those things are important to check after being on here, I suspect I may have Cushing's syndrome but so far 2 of the doctors at the surgery think I'm a raving hypochondriac, it's really miserable for me dealing with them, how do you get them to listen??? They look at me like I've grown another head :(

  • Oh and I'm on 75mcg and they only allow tsh, t4 and anti bodies, no t3 at local labs

  • So do you have anti-bodies ? Raised BP can sometimes be associated with the thyroid as I am sure you know. Perhaps your dose of T4 is too low. When you have your results - post them and someone will help. Hopefully you had the tests I mentioned in an earlier post. If not then it would be good to get them done. Are you able to have them done privately if your GP is not being helpful. Maybe your T4 is not converting into the Active T3 - and that could be making you feel poorly. You could ask your GP for a FT3 test to indicate your T4 is working and how well. Otherwise how does he know - is he a mind reader ?

    I live in Crete so we don't have a problem - they are happy to test whatever you want. Again if you are thinking Cushings then the tests would have to be private as the NHS don't seem to be interested....maybe someone will come along who knows more than me about that one :-)

  • Its a nightmare here to get any t3 testing at the moment, I know my tsh is 2 so may push to up to 100mcg to see if I feel better, I just had a mag3 scan on my kidneys for another health issue and have heard it could help diagnose that problem so I will look into that Monday when I speak with the urologist, they keep fobbing me off so I will have to go in all guns blazing

  • Think you may need to make a shopping list for when you next see your Doc :-) I have nodes on my kidneys which match the ones on my thyroid. So far so good ! In Eastern Medicine the thyroid and the kidney are on the same meridian ( energy line ) I think any sort of inflammation in the body will also affect our weak bits - and for you that could be knees and shoulders. Epsom salt baths may give you some relief - magnesium for muscle relaxing.

    Doubt if your Urologist will connect your issues with thyroid - unless he has learnt from others. I was under a Gastroenterologist for 30 years for Crohns who never even mentioned B12 let alone the thyroid.

    Don't forget testing of the anti-bodies. When you see the Doc remember a spoonful of honey will go a long way - rather than all guns blazing. Just astound him with your knowledge quietly....

  • Marz as it goes my urologist is a small miracle, he knew my pains in 2010 were endometriosis, he argued and argued with the gynae and in the end had to put a stent in which made it possible for me to conceive my little girl with my only working ovary, the tube was blocked and wrapped around my ureter, after she was born they cut the tube and ovary away and had to cut and re structure my ureter, without him I would be childless and dealing with a gynae who insisted I was a hysterical woman who couldn't handle pain and most definately would have lost my kidney, I wonder sometimes

  • Thank goodness you found him - and he was able to help you create your miracle.....

  • I'm very lucky :)

  • What tommy rot! Pity they can't suffer a frozen shoulder to know how horrid it is - quite how does one imagine such a painful debilitating condition? sadomasachistic hypochondria I guess!

  • Hi Anjeleena, I had a frozen shoulder a few years back and I remember not being able to sleep with the pain, you have my sympathy. I was finally sent for physio after 3 months of it, it was some kind of electrical therapy, and it was amazing. I wish I knew what it was called, but it did the trick!

  • I don't know what it's called but I had it on my knees when I was a teen, I had juvenile chondritis which I now know is linked to thyroid disorders, it's been a massive eye opener finding this site, I don't feel so isolated now :) thanks for replying

  • You learn more here than from any doctor. I stepped out of the NHS who neglected me for decades and now I treat myself.

    I started really severe arthritis when I was in my early 30's and can't help wondering if it's linked to hashimotos and low cortisol, cortisol controls inflammation, and I know mine is very low. I have high levels of inflammation showing in my bloods and no doctor is offering me any treatment.

    You'll get a lot of support here Angeleena. Xx

  • Tell me about it, doctors are always ignoring the signs. My knees started causing trouble when I was 9 and it's gone from there, my WBC's have been high for years now and iron always on the low side was borderline hypo for 10 years on and off before a botched Csection caused it to tip, everyone assumed baby blues until my mum realised I was hypo like my dad. I also have endo and my blood sugars are all over the place, it's a hard slog looking after my 2 year old and my sick brother, my weight is creeping up thanks to having no energy to exercise and I eat to keep myself awake, it's driving me a bit potty!!!x

  • So interesting. I developed osteoarthritis in my neck and spine at just 23 years old. I had achilles tendinitis (requiring an op) in my 30s, frozen shoulder in my 40's (physiotherapist gave me exercises and told me to swim - it had to hurt a bit but eventually it sorted it out) I was diagnosed hypothyroid in my 50s (after being suspicious I had it in my early 40's) I am not sure if mine is hashimotos or just thyroiditis. I had shed loads of other symptoms from late 30's onwards. I now have a bakers cyst in my knee which I expect has some connexion to being hypo, tho my doctor refutes that. All co incidental? I don't think so.

  • Hi TSH 110, Dr Skinner confirmed my hypo started after glandular fever at 19 and a traumatic birth at 21. Now I'm 57 and only diagnosed 21/2 years ago. The signs were there all along, now I know the symptoms. I had a really bad childhood and one trauma after another, I know this has affected my adrenal response, then steroid injections for year on top. I have linked in my own mind anyway between poor inflammation control and arthritis. How can you get wear and tear arthritis in your 20's??

    I only found out when I've asked for antibodies to be done. When I saw an endo, (one appointment, nothing resolved) he tested my antibodies, and they were just under 600, so I know mine is hashi's. No explanation, I was just told it's not important?

    All this seems to follow a pattern when you read other people's experiences. Doctors don't know what the symptoms are!

  • Yes I totally agree. My sister who is also hypo (thyroidectomy after suspicious lumps although she was not hypothyroid, her thyroid was grossly deformed and lumpy but it still worked!) had a frozen shoulder too. Another sister has duptchens contracture and my mum (died of lymphoma in her thyroid) had that. Her Endo claims her thyroid is fine, but I do wonder. Have you tried some swimming to ease the shoulder? I found it to be marvellous. You must suffer a little pain so that you are making the range of motion increase just a tiny bit, but nothing excruciating. Little by little mine resolved. The excercises were to get the arm to move above my shoulder and then my head. Reaching up a door and simple stuff like that I also used those exercise bands but I can't recollect quite how I think the door knob was involved somehow. There should be advice on line or can you ask to be referred to a physiotherapist? They had one at the practice at that doctors surgery which was great.

  • All too much of a coincidence in your family TSH110. There must be a faulty gene in you family where thyroids are concerned.

    I had my frozen shoulder when I was 33 and heavily pregnant so I was scared to take pain relief. Even now I still can't lift my arm above my head. It's now impinged and my shoulder specialist wanted to operate, but because I was newly diagnosed and had an unstable thyroid he wouldn't risk a general anaesthetic. Nothing has changed there!

    From my early 20's I had awful neck pain, that improved tremendously with thyroid meds!!

    So glad the swimming/physio helped you. Xx

  • Yes the lymphoma is very prevalent - my brother died of it at 36 it had strangulated his guts. My mother's family has a high incidence of it and hypothyroidism. The genetics people in Leeds said it was more than a coincidence but Guys were a lot less committal even though more cases have occurred between seeing Leeds and them. They seemed to suggest everyone in the family must have it or it is not genetic. That is not what Leeds told me and who is to say we won't all develop it in due course it is 50% already in my generation - the duptchens one of the unaffected sisters has is suspicious. I am looking into the suspect genes they know of and I was taken aback - one seems a likely culprit.

    I have had neck pain most of my life - especially cycling - no matter what bike I ride. The shoulder sounds really serious and obdurate. I hope you can get some treatment for it. I was really lucky with mine. I could not even get a coat on it was very problematic. My sisters resolved too. Genetics again I think.

  • Common sense doesn't seem to prevail in medicine TSH110! It's so obvious this is genetics, and what chance do we have if they can't agree amongst themselves??

    Strange thing is my mum had kneck pain from her 20's too, in those days it was traction. I remember my sister who couldn't have been more than 10 ringing for an ambulance she was in so much pain. My mum also put on a great deal of weight suddenly, complained of being tired all the time, and became the mother from hell. She got diagnosed with a personality disorder, and I'm damn sure she was hypo. The same thing happened to my gran.

    My eldest daughter developed hypo the exact age as me, and she has PA too!

    My sister has a history of depression and is regularly 16 stone at 5ft 3ins. I urged her to get a blood test, but of course she was in the normal range. I just can't believe this given her symptoms.

    I feel very sorry for you all inheriting these awaful health problems. I think in the future everyone will be tested genetically, especially before having children. X

  • Hi Anjeleena, have you got low B12/Pernicious Anaemia? Have you had your folate tested, ferritin, vit D3? If your WBC's are high that could be b12 anaemia too. Yet another thing my doctor neglected now I have painful nerve damage, injecting b12 twice a week now though. I think low iron makes you feel terrible if you're hypo, high in the range is necessary to carry T3 to your cells.

    I've read many times that problems with the knees can be caused by poor adrenal function.

    My BP and blood sugars are high too. It just feels like everything is crashing down on you. I got myself off levo because it wasn't working for me. I saw more results with Armour. Now I take T3 and have b12 injections my weight is reducing. I put a good 5 stone on :-( I think I put more on on levo!

    It must be so very hard looking after a small child feeling so I'll. I really hope you get some help and support from friends and family.

    Hugs. X

  • Thankyou, I will be asking a few more questions when I see the doc thanks to your advice x

  • No problem, and let us know your results.

    My GP told me recently mine were all fine, when I got a printout many things were flagged by the lab, and folate and iron really low despite supplementing. Your results need to be at least in the top 25% of the ranges. Good luck. Xx

  • Will definately get printouts this time and post them x

  • Hi anjeleena

    I have a very painful shoulder which they are insisting is just arthritis. This shoulder has never been injured and the pain came on quite suddenly. The muscles in my arm go in to spasm too. I have had this for 2 years and physio hasnt helped. I think this inflammation could be helped by treating my thyroid more successfully.

  • I think it's amazing how little they tell us about thyroid Health considering how important it is for the full function of our bodies, it should be up there with diabetes and the likes, thankgod we have the help on here

  • Hi Anjeleena, I'm following this thread with interest and hope! My right shoulder froze in 2004 and lasted 6 years then the left one froze 10 months ago. Steroid jabs do very little other than give a few days pain relief if they hit the right spot, and physio doesn't help either. It seems that only time heals - to a degree - in most cases. All I know is the condition has links to rheumatic disease.

  • I've been told mine is linked to my arthritis and he gave me movelat cream and diclofenac, I then returned 2 months later with breathing problems, turns out I have asthma and now I'm being told to avoid anti inflammatories, I'm stuck using co codamol and it's driving me mad, I gave in and used the cream last night as the pain is worse than needing my ventolin inhaler, i am going to the docs this last time to insist he works out what the hell is going on with me, will keep this post updated

  • I had a frozen shoulder last year, at a time when I was taking T4 and had many symptoms of poor conversion. Physio made it worse, lifting was out, driving was painful, I couldn't raise my arm higher than my chin. My gp arranged for me to have a steroid injection guided by ultrasound, and the effect was immediate and remarkable - the pain went, full movement was restored and all I have now is the occasional dull ache, usually when I'm a bit hypo. I do hope that this would work for you too. I think that switching to T3 only has helped to prevent a recurrence, but that of course is only my opinion!

  • I would love to look into t3 but I can't even get a blood test at my gps for that and if I go private he won't prescribe it, I'm too nervous to ask to see an endo, it's a hunch that I have but I'm sure I'm not converting properly

  • I know how you feel. Ive had a couple of serious bouts of unbelievable pain-couldnt go to bed for two weeks with one episode! Have even gone to A&E for pain relief. I had steroid injections in both shoulders and one shoulder was operated on (they shaved the bones) and been better since. Still limited in what I can do though. Sounds to me like its possibly connected to UAT

  • UAT??? I'm new to all this lol

  • Here's my A&A document:

    A&A = Abbreviation and Acronyms - sorry, couldn't resist. :-)


  • Thanks :)

  • I got TFS ( tired finger syndrome) scrolling down your list to the 'U's.

  • Me too hahaha

  • Sorry lol-underactive thyroid :-)

  • My husband had both shoulders frozen before he got diagnosed and treated for Hypotrhyroid

    They are very heaviliy connected

  • Your screen name is very fitting for a thyroid thread, my dad is hypothyroid too he has problems with his back and shoulders

  • Take NDT its the only thing that assists all the joint probs of hypothyroid

  • Have you been diagnosed with frozen shoulder? It is not something one "keeps getting". It is more likely to be a muscle problem or an impingement. Frozen shoulder is a term used mostly inaccurately. I know this as I treat it.

  • The doctor just told me it was a muscular problem as the result of my arthritis, it gets stuck so I assumed the term frozen fit??? one side was bad for a period of time and now the other side is doing it, it starts off mobile with pain and over the period of the day it gets less and less mobile til I'm stuck with hardly any movement and awful spasms that travel down my arm to the elbow and sometimes I end up with my 4th and 5th digits feeling numb

  • I forgot to say that turmeric (available as a tablet supplement) is an effective anti-inflammatory.

  • Interesting, I cook a lot with tumeric

  • If you have numbness and/or tingling in the 4th/5th fingers it is possible that you have a neck problem in c6/7 so should seek out a good osteopath or a physiotherapy/musculoskeletal referral from your G.P.

    Frozen shoulder will last without intervention from between 3months to 18 months. If you can have someone lift your arm above your head without you helping in anyway it is not frozen shoulder. Look up adhesive capsulitis, this is true frozen shoulder.

  • I do feel for you. Frozen shoulder is excruciating. Has you GP given you exercises to do? They do help.

  • Doc says not frozen, I've got arthritis and my muscles are playing up too. I've decided to just get on with it. My mum said I'm looking too much into my thyroid disorder and tormenting myself. Well safe to say with the lack of family backing I've quite literally decided to just grin and bear it!!!

  • My friend had what she thought was a frozen shoulder but turned out to be bursitis. She has autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis and apparently the two are related. There are so many bits and bobs in there, there's a lot that can wrong.

    Good luck with the shoulder. I had a rotator cuff injury and the pain was absolutely hair-raising.

  • Seems so many things can go wrong when we have autoimmune problems, makes my head spin, sorry to hear you have pain too

  • The left shoulder used to wake me out of a sound sleep and sometimes it would just ache and throb out of nowhere until I was in tears. I kept heat on it and used that ibuprophen gel and occasionally resorted to co-codamol but nothing really touched it. It took about a year to heal and toward the end I had some physio massage and acupuncture, which helped return some mobility to the joint and from there it really began to get better.

    Now the right side is going. :-( I think this time I'll ask my gp what they can do for me but for muscular/joint things I'm never hopeful. Someone told me that you really should have an ultrasound to see if there are any spurs or anything on the bone but rightly or wrongly I don't have a lot of faith in my gp so I've never bothered. :-(

    I hope you can get some help and relief yourself. Shoulder injuries are painful and tenacious. x

  • I may try the reflexologist I visited a few years back. She was amazing and took all the tension from my body, I do love alternative therapies. All failing I do the same as you also have movelat cream which works quite well x

  • Hi Anjeleena,I have had frozen shoulder,apparently it is fairly common with low thyroid,that is according to nhs pamphlet.this was some years ago ,I went to physio and did the exercises every day & it went eventually.however I still do the exercises every few days to keep it at bay.Better that than the pain.But you do have to do the exercises.good luck

  • I was told i had frozen shoulder after taking statins what a load of rubbish off statins taking b12 1 tablet a day 1,000ug ,opti-omega 3 capsules and vitamind with calcium and i am right . never take another statin again im only 49 but felt 89 while on statins be careful with medicines ,work out when you started with problems .b12s are very good also check coq10

  • I had my first steroid injection yesterday for a Frozen Shoulder, which has been progressively worse since Christmas... It did seem to help at the time but 24 hours later I still can't dress properly or raise my arm above elbow height. As always, reading these threads makes me realise that I am not alone... If this doesn't help, I've been told the next option is a general anaesthetic whilst the shoulder is manipulated. Fingers crossed the steroid will kick and give me some respite :/

  • Hi morticia, I had a steroid injection afew weeks ago albeit not in my shoulder.I was on here upset a week later because it hadn't worked fonly for couple of days.However 2 weeks after the injection it kicked in and still working now so dont give up hope yet!

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