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Say 6 hi long time i hav'en been on this site but i found it intresting i want to kno what is the name of the vitamin to take for greave i am living in jamaica an have been afflicted with hyper thyroid greaves haveing burping haveing pain in my neck cramp in my legs an my chest taking carb three a day going back to my Gp tomarrow thank for any information i will be grate full

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Hi Kettlepot,

You want your doctor to check out your vitamin D and B12 as well as ferritin and folate. You want the results all to be high within their ranges to help your thyroid.

When I started carbimazole my pharmacist came out for a chat and told me to take high strength vitamin C along with it so I always took high strength slow release vitamin C with zinc and I felt fairly well while I was being treated.

I had bad reflux for a while and was given omeprazole - a PPI - see the post about PPIs this morning! I managed to stop that by going totally gluten free to try to reduce my thyroid antibodies (it worked!!!) I also cut out all junk food, sweets, chocolate, cakes and biscuits.

I still get leg cramps though, haven’t found a cure for them even though I’ve tried all the usual cures.

Good luck with your GP visit.


Hi fruitandnutcase thank for your advise i went today for my GP visit an she said my blood test is normal but i told her about how i am feeling in my body with pain an an cramp an a feeling likewhen i eat an digest it it seem like it still their on my stomach but it not realy there she said thyroid dont give me pain it's something eles i just have to do what you people go get reed of these feeling i am not really a eater of those things did'nt see my regular Gp but hope next visit i will see her this one slower the dose to two tabs per day so i jope i 'll see a change i am going to buy tje vitamin C an zine hope thing will improve


Me again fruitandnutcase i live in Jamaica where the sun is very hot so i know i have a lot of vit D not sure about b12 ferritin folate i ask my Gp to do that test next visit thank again


What a great place to live. All that sunshine, at least when you feel awful the weather doesn’t add to it.

As long as you get the sun on your skin for some time every day then your vit D is probably ok.

Try what this guy says and see if any of it could help with your burping draxe.com/low-stomach-acid/

Once your thyroid is sorted out for you hopefully the aches and pains will get better. I used to feel like someone had driven a bus over me then reversed back and done it again. Most of the aches and pains settled once my thyroid was sorted out. Good luck with it all, it’s a struggle but hopefully you’ll get there eventually.


Thank youfor replying back i'll take alook at it thank again be bless hope it's ok with you

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