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So why don't I feel well? Can someone look at my results please?

These are my latest test results through Blue Horizon

TSH 0.196 (0.270 – 4.200)

FT418.90 (12-22)

FT34.4 (3.1- 6.8)

Vit D99.9 (75-200 optimally replete) supplement stopped 3 weeks before test

Vit B121103 (191-946) supplement stopped 3 weeks before test

Ferritin164.1 (5-148)

Folate6.9 (4.6-18.7)

They look quite good to me - surely I should feel ok? Still very tired, overweight etc with nasty burning tongue.........

I guess I need active B12?

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Hi, I didn't feel well until my FT3 was over 5 which I achieved with addition of T3. Many need it top end of range.


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Yes,your FT3 looks as though it should be higher ...I was prescribed T3 when mine was 4.1 From what I read here I think it should be at the top of the range.Folate looks low too.Others will probably comment.


Hi Jezebel, the problem I think I had was that my fT4 was too high and my fT3 was too low. Looks like this might be same with you in that you're not converting enough. I have also read that your fT3 is supposed to be in the top quarter of the range so you are well off that. Your TSH is quite low though - are you on any thyroid meds? x


I would ask your GP to add some T3 to a reduced T4. Normally they prescribe 10mcg T3 and reduce T4 by 50mcg. If your doctor has a problem with this request tell him it's a suggestion by Dr Toft (who was President of the BTA) in a Pulse Online article.


Thanks shaws - I will go to battle fully equipped :)


Ferritin is a bit high which can indicate inflammation. Have you had your cortisol tested? High and/or low cortisol can prevent T4 to T3 conversion.


Thats really interesting. I have a chronic sinus infection due to the constant post nasal drip which seems to be yet another symptom of hypo. I have never had my cortisol tested - will suggest it to GP but I have to fight for everything as I'm 'in range'


Yes I know.. It's the same here, have to fight for everything. If you can afford it I strongly recommend an adrenal stress test (saliva) as it gives you the cortisol levels during the day & evening and not just at the time of blood draw.


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