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Confused :-/


Im still battling to feel somewhere near normal and have these questions in my head which I can't find the answers to.

For a couple of weeks in January and February, I felt incredible, the best I felt in years. My levo was raised from 100 to 125mg, I had been taking iron & vit D tablets for a few months and my TSH and T4 levels were in a good range (sorry don't have the info on me here at work).

By March 1st, I began to slightly feel unwell again and just thought maybe I had a bug but here we are now and I feel awful again. BUT my TSH reading is 0.522 ((0.270 - 4.200) & T4 = 18.22 (12 - 22) which from memory are at a better level than end of Jan when I felt so much better.

So why do I now feel crap?

I know my iron levels are still low as are my Vit D levels and folate, but these are now better than they were end of last year so why do I feel rubbish again?

My recent full blood count (results of which I have posted) could indicate anaemia so that could be a reason.

Anyway, looking at my TSH & T4 levels, I should in theory be well?? Is there any chance I am over medicated? I am waiting for my endo to respond to me but I am in a queue and I have to be patient but its hard when you feel so ill and you have a business to run. I am thinking about adding another 25mg to my levo dose to see if that helps?? But now panicking that I may be over medicated??

I know by looking at my full blood count, its obvious I won't feel feel until my iron levels & fit levels are higher but my confusion is WHY did I feel so good in January and February because they would not have been any higher then??


Bad bone pain and muscle weakness

Hair really falling out quite a bit :-(

tired again


horrible gas taste in my mouth

tearful & irritable

racing heart - I had a heart rate of 105 whilst laying in bed last night, eek!!!

Your valuable help will be much appreciated as always x

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I wonder if you're not converting for some reason - ? So the higher dose helped for a while but now the t4 is kind of backing up - ? Have you had a t3 test?

I don't know a lot about conversion issues but someone who does will be along shortly I'm sure.


Hi PB, no not had a T3 test so its a possibility. Grrr, why is everything so complicated??!! I know two people with Hypo and both of them just take a tablet and everything is ok. I am so pleased for them of course but why are some of like this and yet some of us always seem to be searching for the solution to feel well?


Bad luck. :-(


Hi Debsy. I think PB may be right. A T3 test will prove it, if it is low or below range. I had this problem and the more meds I took the worse I got but still felt hypo. Had blood test and T3 was below range, whereas T4 was over range. I now take T3/4 combo plus have recently added in some NDT but I also went on T3 only last year to clear backed up T4. It is all a nightmare and I am still struggling to balance the meds. x


Oh dear, it does sound like a nightmare :-( hopefully you will wake up from it soon. Endo did suggest T3 at our last session although she wanted to see where my iron and vit d levels were first, which are unfortunately still very low so who knows what direction she will suggest! Did you lies any weight when you started T3 by any chance?? This would make the nightmare just a little but bearable!! x


Yes, I did lose weight when I started T3 but that is a problem for me as I was already like a stick insect and cannot gain any. Nobody knows why and the last endo I saw suggested I am controlling my weight with T 3. Grrr. It is hard to take if iron is low, so you may need to wait a while. I take Spatone liquid iron.


Thanks Hen, lucky you if you are slim, wish I was! I'm taking ferrous sulphate 3 times a day, iron level is rising but it's sooooo slow, yawn! Why is T3 hard to take when iron is low, does it make you sick?


No, nothing like that. It just made me feel hyper, palpitations, sweating, temperature slightly above normal, etc. it is a very powerful medication. Do not be fooled by that tiny tablet!


Yikes! x


Hi Debsy, I could have written that post myself it's so me. I don't know the answer either although I'm hopefully getting some treatment for my ferritin levels soon. Will that solve all my problems? I don't know so it'll be interesting to read any replies here. Good luck. x


Thanks Sazzy, best of luck to you too xx


I'm thinking conversion problems too. Especially since you mentioned illness.

Any illness will raise RT3 (reverse T3).

Add high cortisol - illness can cause high cortisol, and you're body will struggle with conversion even more.


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