just diagnosed with Pemphigoid and need to know a.if anyone else on this forum has Pemphigoid ? b. how is being treated ?

c. and has anyone connected it to hypothyroid directly & please say if iodine treatment if used has done any good... thank you to anyone who can offer some insight into this skin condition, ta sky p.s. still not being treated for hypo--yet waiting still for new endo...

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Hi sorry dont know much about pemphigoid but worked with a woman who had it.She didn't have thyroid problems but some of her family members did.As they are both autoimmune conditions there is a link there. She had immunosuppressants to help treat it and it kept it under control. She got it iinher sixtiesSorry you have this It is not pleasant, hopefully someone will know more about it, Good luck

there was some discussion of immunosuppressants but as i have diabetes, i am prone to infections, not major but still--wouldn't want to suppress the ability to fight infections--hope i am barking up the right tree.. ta

This is a link re http pemphigoid:


It sounds extremely painful and someone may reply who has had it.

I hope they can solve it soon. It is another autoimmune condition.

Your link is missing a colon after the http.

Thanks for that. Don't quite know how it happened.

thanx for the link--strangely it's not painful at all ?!

I've fixed the link and am glad condition isn't painful.

to add to this endo and dermo nonsense--new dermo SAYS I DON'T HAVE pemphigoid AFTER all--- wtf 3 biopsies one which still hasn't healed & all came back inconclusive--so his diagnosis of pemphigoid was out of line--you bet i'm annoyed big time...

BINGO !!! just found this.... thyroid.ca/e9b.php

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