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Feel better without erfa.........what's going on??!!

I took my last erfa thyroid tab at 3pm yesterday because I was having my bloods done today. So far so good.

For whatever reason I have decided to switch to taking my dosage at night before I go to sleep. It's an experiment. So I haven't taken ANY today at all.

It's now 11pm and I'm feeling REALLY good. NO erfa at all today and feeling really good! WHY IS THAT?...

I did feel a bit woozy this afternoon....slurry speech, droopy left eye, difficulty thinking straight, bit headachy. But this all seems to have improved and bow I feel really perky.

I'm really confused. Even my mood feels better. Much more positive, lively, sunny even.

Has anyone any thoughts because I'm intrigued.


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I also take ERFA, and on the days I have my blood taken, I don't take the morning dose. I also reckon that I feel better - a kind of more relaxed, chilled-out feeling than I have normally.

I did try cutting down my daily dose but it didn't result in any overall improvement.

I suspect this phenomenon has an explanation - perhaps a reversal of the 'honeymoon effect' but I don't think that it indicates there is anything wrong in taking ERFA.

BTW - I take 30 mcg of ERFA four times a day. It shouldn't be taken in a single dose because T3 only last around 6 hours in our systems.


I take t3 only and take it all at bedtime. 80mcg

Jo xx


I have an inkling that this my be connected to adrenals - when your adrenals are down you tend to perk up in the evening or at night. I am also now on ERFA, but only for a couple of weeks xx


Thanks all for your replies. By the way I took me erfa last night at bedtime for an experiment. Only half my dosage and I felt dreadful!!! Couldn't sleep, felt anxious... Won't be trying that again!! :)



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