Have been feeling progressively worse on ERFA and have just ordered some Naturethroid. Why?

Don't know what has changed but I'm fed up now so am going to give NATURETHROID a go.

Recently I have had a permanent headache, aches from head to toe, bloating, swollen eyes and just about everything else. I know I needed to raise my dosage but I have never had problems in the past when I raised. I know another another person amongst us is also having problems with ERFA.

My last batch of ERFA came in February 2014. Something feels wrong.

I haven't taken any today because I can't face it and am already feeling a bit better.

Can I also say..........I would be lost without this forum. :)


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  • Please would you let me know the lot number and expiry date of the ERFA which you didn't think as good as usual and also the size of the tablets? Did they look, smell or taste in any way different from usual? Also have you contacted Dr Henri Knafo to tell him about this? He has asked that people who are finding a difference with any batches of ERFA to let him know. His email address is henri.knafo@eci2012.net


  • I am not sure when exactly changes were made, people speculate that batches from Jan 2014 onward are manufactured at new facility but I truly do not know. Ex I am in the situation, terrified.

  • My batch was slightly larger than the old pills and seem to have a shinier coating on the outside. They were sort of a dull beige before and now they have a bit of a sheen.

  • I wish you success as we feel let down when we go on to alternative thyroid meds and don't feel any better.

  • I totally crashed on erfa a couple of weeks ago, new pills I only got them end of feb, I posted the batch no's on Edisias post and e-mailed erfa. I also had to panic buy more armour from US. Not good!

  • No, really no good :( I need to email Dr Knafo too.

  • I have emailed Dr.Knafo and explained my symptoms. I had a very prompt reply but explanation as yet. Maybe there has been a potency problem with this batch. I will still be changing to Naturethroid.xx

  • could it be filler quality?

  • I have been on ERFA since 2010 after the formulation of Armour Thyroid was changed and I began having severe hypothyroid symptoms. I was doing wonderfully on the ERFA until about a week ago, when I started taking the first batch that I received from The Canadian Pharmacy. Prior to that, I always was able to order directly from ERFA. I live in the USA. I am having terrible symptoms that are identical to those I had on the Armour after the reformulation. My understanding with the change in Armour was that they replace dextrose as a filler with cellulose. I wonder if the new ERFA manufacturer has done the same? Cellulose is cheaper than dextrose, but it also is processed differently. I am freaking out because I went through hell the last time this happened to me. I have contacted Henri Knafo today to see if I can get some answers.

  • Hi, I'm also having awful problems on my latest batch of ERFA. I've emailed Dr Knafo but he's away this week, although last week he said nothing had changed. This week his quality control manager has emailed me to say again that nothing has changed but I know something has! Her email address is dalia.saleh@eci2012.net. Do you know the lot number and expiry date of the latest batch you've taken that hasn't been good? Also the size? Mine is 125 mgs (2 grains) lot number 13C06 expiry 03 2016. The more people who tell Dr Knafo and their quality control people the better, but they really don't seem to understand and are certain that nothing has been altered. I've found a number of comments about this on other sites too - a couple of Facebook sites plus Mary Shomon's blog.

  • I'll check my batch at home, although mine are 60mgs, not 125. I'm not sure where I'll find the lot number and expiration date, as they arrived in a clear blue bottle from the pharmacy - not the white bottle I was used to getting when I ordered directly from ERFA. I will tell you that I got the same run around when Armour changed their formulation. This seems to be a common occurrence when a new manufacturer takes over processing. How can they be sure nothing is changed since they don't actually process the pills themselves?

  • The pharmacy will be able to tell you if the details aren't on the label, also I think Dr Knafo and the quality control person will want to know the lot number and expiry date. You're right about them now knowing what's going on, I was thinking they would know of any formula change, but of course they wouldn't know if the proportions of ingredients were changed and that would make a huge difference to us. Hopefully we'll eventually find out what's happened. The stupid thing is they have so much custom because of Armour being altered, you'd wouldn't think they'd make the same mistake.

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