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Impending GP appt!


Well folks, I have my GP appt this afternoon. I am letting her know that a consultant at our hospital has contacted me (after I wrote a letter to the labs asking why previous requests for full thyroid screening have always been ignored) and said that if she puts the request by him, he will ensure the lab gives full tests on it :-)

He is the consultant for Clinical Chemistry, and has said that she doesn't have to refer me to him directly, but that he will still give the request his attention.

I only realised I had not even had T3 tests done when I requested a copy of my records from the GP surgery later last year, and fear that the reason my diagnosis for Fibromyalgia was skewed because of this.

I went down the road of thinking I had PBC (which my mum died of) earlier last year as it also has the same symptoms as Fibromyalgia, and made a bit of a pest of myself at the surgery trying to get further tests, but had I known about the unrelyability of TSH testing, and the fact I had not had T3 or antibodies done, I would have gone down this route instead!

It shows just how flawed the system is. Now I have to convince the GP I am serious about this, when I have already been referred to in my notes as "hyperchondrical" and "wanting answers in the form of test results" - thankfully by a different GP, but when that GP is head of practice, and holds the purse strings, it is worrying.....

I have also compiled a chart showing my basal temps (mostly between 35.5 and 36 degrees) and am taking the Thyroid UK pack with me.

Wish me luck, and if anyone thinks that there is something I should include in my consultation, I hope to revisit the site before I leave for my appt in a couple of hours to pick that up.


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I would threaten legal action for libel. Who do these gps think they are making accusations of hypochondria.

nightingale-56 in reply to Hidden

Or maybe ask if there is a blood test for Hypochondria! Janet.

I'm sure someone is working on it :-D :-D

After all it's very common ;-)

Make sure they tell you what the lab ranges are too :-) Seriously though, what a nerve the guy has. Hope the visit goes well.

Just to wish you good luck with your appointment


Hi good luck and well done with the labs! Are GP allowed to put that? Let us know how it goes.

Hi Glenis. Just reading your post. Interested to know how it went and whats been happening since your post 8 days ago? Hope that you are within the wellness and not the illness at the moment. x

Thanks all :-) I'll let you know how it goes. Within a few weeks of joining around 8 years ago, the head GP wrote a letter to the CBT people saying I was "quite hyperchondrical about my symptoms". This is also the GP who couldn't understand why I would want to take Q10 with Statins and said I would just have to "sweat out" my menopause.

Hidden in reply to Glenys

Look up Dr Malcolm Kendrick to read his comments on statins - you'll have diabetes next!

Good Luck

wombatty in reply to Hidden

My husband and his father both developed diabetes after being put on statin therapy. There's no diabetes in their large, extended family. Unfortunately, by the time diabetes was recognized as a side effect of statins, it was too late for my husband to join the class action lawsuit against the pharmas, as he was diagnosed with diabetes long enough ago that the statute of limitations had expired on him. Doctors insist that the "benefits" of statins are worth the risk of diabetes! My doc spent most of my last visit trying to persuade me to take the poison.

Hidden in reply to wombatty

Pleased to read "trying to persuade" you to take statins. But sorry to hear about your husband and your father. Is there a Health Unlocked for Diabetes support?

wombatty in reply to Hidden

My husband doesn't "do" support groups, online or otherwise, but I'll mention it to him. His father died 3 years ago at age 90. He'd probably have made it to 100 had he not developed congestive heart failure as a consequence of kidney failure due to the diabetes. He was a tough old bird.

Glenys in reply to Hidden

I didn't realise that! Strange because around the time of me taking statins, I had a couple of years worth of Diabetes tests when I showed up borderline - now they are telling me my sugars are ok a few years down the line. I wonder if the statins set it off for a bit?

I was actually attending CBT for personal reasons due to work and family pressures, which had been talked about at the old GP practice. The fact that I was presenting to this new GP with medical symptoms, meant she put 2 and 2 together and came up with 22! The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia came around a year later with a GP who has since moved to France. He was a really good GP, who actually asked for a T3 test, but un benown to me, it wasn't done by the labs, so when my results came back as "normal" I ruled out the thyroid (as did an endo and rheumatologist around the same time).

Wishing you good luck - but with your attitude and determination I don't think you are going to need

Moggie x

Strange is it not that some doctors will take offence at someone who presents them with the symptoms of there illness and still cannot send them for the full Tests. I have no idea how much these tests cost them but I do know all surgeries are pinch pennying these days to the detriment of there patients, and to put you down on file as a hypochondriac what an insult. Lesser mortals would have been really upset by that, but hey you seem to be well on the way to getting your health sorted. Good Luck Glenys

Well... if I had the energy I would be clicking my heels now! The GP didn't bat an eyelid and has written out a request for a full screen! T3 T4, and antibodies :-) :-) She has put a note on the request mentioning the consultant's name and details.

Such a relief. I go to the "blood letting" dept at the hospital on Tues where I can also tell them about it.

Thanks for the words of support, and I will let you know how the next stage goes.

So I have had my tests.

TSH 3.1

T4 12.8

T3 4.8

There are no results for antibodies. I assume this is because I am "Normal" - (Normal? my a£$%^^!!!!!!)

I am away for a while, so will have to see my GP when I get back, but at least I am half way there. It's just typical, isn't it, most of the tests have been sorted, by a great consultant who has helped refer me (for which I am genuinely grateful, may I add), yet because I am on the borderline, I am classed as normal. The whle reason my T4 and T3 are at those levels is because my thyroid is under functioning, yet the NHS "Ignore" it. Well, they aint gonna ignore ME!!

Thanks for the rant, and I am sure most of you will know how I geel, thats why it is the only place I feel I can let off steam :-/


HarryE in reply to Glenys

Well no, they ain't normal! Have a good break x

HarryE in reply to Glenys

Just had a thought. The antibody tests can take a lot longer, my TG one took at least 10 days through the NHS, so maybe they are just not back yet.

sazzyb in reply to Glenys

I agree with Harry I don't think the antibody test can be back yet, too soon, and also, they definitely shouldn't call your results 'normal'.

Glenys in reply to sazzyb

Thanks Harry and Sazzy :-) That's put my mind at rest, at least. I am going to enjoy my break, and see what I can do afterwards. I know many years ago I had a TSH of something like 0.8, when I must have been in my late 20s, so it probably makes sence to think that could have been my "normal" so I will go through my history again. I am also getting my hospital records sorted out when I get back. GFor what it is worth, I must say a big thanks to the consultant who helped refer me through for the tests. The plebotomist told me he was a lovely chap, and probably a bit "old school" which might be a bonus. :-) Sun, here I come!!

That wasn't the "smilie" I wanted to put at the end either - I wanted one that looked more disgruntled (LOL ironically) but at least it caused me to titter!

Hi. I have got a antibody result of less than 5, if that means anything to anyone. Does this mean with my other results (as above) I could be looking at just T4 therapy and not Hashi?

Also I have read somewhere that the antibody levels reduce again once they have done their damage to the thyroid, but would that leave me in a state where I would be very ill, and not as I am now with mild to moderate symptoms of fibromyalgia ( I certainly think I would be unable to work, is that right?)


Have since looked at it on the tinter, and seem to think I should have had 2 different antibodies tested - not sure if that was done or not, but I have an appt with Nurse in 2 days so will ask her whats going on and have an appt with GP a week on Friday to discuss next step. I am in dire straits at work as have had too much time off and m on a stage 2 warning, so I have to sort something out soon. I thought occupationional health had put a recommendation to HR to reduce my "Bradford index" which is the unit of absence measurement we have in the NHS, but apparantly that was not an accepted policy, so I need effective treatment of the thyroid to ascertain wether most of my absence has been due to low T4 levels, before HR can do any more, as far as I am aware. I had today off work which I believe takes me to a stage three now....great joy........

Any advice as to what I need to tell the GP would be appreciated, please


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