Curcumin and antibodies connection ?

Is there a connection between curcumin and antibodies reduction ? My TPO antibidies have been 1200 range 1-30 for five years , they were rechececked several times and never changed from 1200 . Last year I started taking curcumin for its anti-inflammatory properties for my joint pain . I recently had my TPO checked again and they are 930 , nothing else has changed that I can think of . I know they are still pretty high but they had never budged from 1200 before . Could there be a link or maybe just coincidence but it's interesting I think .

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Yes it is. Turmeric has long been promoted as anti inflammatory because it contains curcumin. Might be worth a try, my antibodies are stupidly high!

I reduced my antibodies by over two thirds with high dose selenium.

how high a dose of selenium were you taking

gluten free diet can help reduce antibodies

I had the same problem tested with very high anti TPO antibodies and so I take alot of seaweed and it seems to help reducing the level.

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