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New Goiter/Lumps

Hi all

My throat has been pretty bad of late. I had a thyroid Ultrasound last year showing a goiter on the left side of my thyroid. Doctors said the thryoxine would possible reduce the size of this but definitely stop it from getting any larger.

I've been choking a lot of late and my throat/neck area has been extremely tender. I thought I felt a lump near my larynx on the right hand side, just above the thyroid. I got this checked out today and GP definitely feels the lump and enlarged nodes. He's referring me for some tests.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is it normal for the goiter to grow/new lumps to appear on medication? Could it be something more?

Thanks all.....sorry for my nervy question!

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Really sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity....




Hello Pennyrose,

I'm afraid I don't know about Thyroxine as so far, I have not been on it. But I have just had the right side of my thyroid removed due to it having a lump in it.

Its been quite a long winded process which started with a ultrasound showing that i had a multi nodule goiter with a 'dominant' nodule. My goiter is actually barely noticeable but the lump was.

I also understand that lumpy thyroids can be caused by Hashi's - but that's not really something I know much about.

I had to have Fine Needle Aspirations done. This is where they put a needle into the dominant lump and extract some cells for analysis. Unfortunately this can be imprecise and not give concrete results. Which is what happened in my case. Ultimately the only way to get a proper analysis done of my lump was to have a hemithyroidectomy.

As your doctor has referred you i'm guessing you may follow a similar path to me - an ultrasound, blood tests and then maybe FNA's?

Only a small percentage of lumps are cancerous and many are benign adenomas / cysts/ colloid nodules so try not to worry although I certainly know that's easier said than done!

Best of luck,



Thank you so much Melissa. I was just surprised a new one developed after being on medication for 9 months.

I'm sure it will be fine but sometimes you can't help your mind wander ..... X


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