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Baby born with birth defects from non treated thyroid problems?

My Son was born Nov 30 2013 and was born with only his thumb and pinky on his left hand. we went through genetic testing and they found nothing. they have no clue where this came from or why he was born that wayI'm about to be tested for thyroid problems and since I've been looking into it I am curious to know if any parents have had a child with a birth defect from untreated thyroid problems. Any information is appreciated!

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It is recognised that undiagnosed and under treated hypothyroidism in mothers can lead to problems with foetal brain development, autism and ADD/ADHD in children.

This link discusses...


I, too, reiterate Clutter's remark re you little boy. It would have been a big shock to you at the time.

Best wishes


Thanks for the replies.. yes it was a shock but he is so smart. He was looked at by a developmental therapist and he said average scoring for kids his age (1 year ) is from 70 to 90 and he scored a 120. It is just stressful bc we have no idea...


theres also a link with thyroid and aspergers

do a search on this forum for a thread on it

My hypothyroid daughters son has aspergers

She an 2 of her daughters have dyslexia

My hypothyroid husband is dyslexic as was his mother


Hi Sorry that you are having a worrying time.. I had severe untreated hypo before both pregnancies.. Both children fine and very high IQ 156. I had a bad pregnancy, , thyroid?

Some times, freak of nature and we never know the cause of medical...

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I have 1 son that's autistic and another that has aspergers

Tourettes and supposedly add. Personally I think the add is more likely to be has his related. I was undiagnosed for many years and it obviously affected my boys, I'd sue for neglect if I...


Thanks for all of the replies and for the links. My son is beautiful and perfect in every way. He is so intelligent and he uses his hand so well. I am just looking for answers bc "I don't know" isn't good enough for me. If there is a link between...



These links may be of interest:


thyroid.about.com/od/hormon... If you scroll down there are links to hundreds of other articles Mary Shomon has published.

Both Dana Trentini (Hypothyroidmom) and Mary Shomon have FB pages too.


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