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Lumps and bumps on the throat

1) How can you tell the difference between a 'normal' throat and abnormal lumps and bumps, and 2) if I have some concern that the lumps are abnormal, how do I convince my gp to do something (a scan I guess would be the next step?), or rephrased slightly, how do I know if it's being taken seriously or I'm being fobbed off?

Many thanks all. x

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Have you asked your GP for a scan or asked him to examine you, Tell him how worried you are,lay it on with a trowel. GP's don't know that much so might be happy to pass the problem on. Good luck.xx


Thanks. No, have just found this lump today. I have a phone appointment next week to organise my blood tests so I can ask then and they'll make an appointment for an examination. Might just ring up tomorrow to find out if there's anything sooner.

I wanted to be a bit clued up on what to expect so I would know if they were doing what they were supposed to do. I'd love to trust them but I don't.

My mum has a nodule and is scanned regularly to monitor it but she lives abroad.

Thanks again. xx


Hi im going through same i found lump on neck under jaw line and told gp about it she then felt thyroid and said slightly enlarged so having ultrasound Saturday but had to chase them up on it and call department myself! If your worried then keep asking to be referred for scan xx


Thanks. I know in theory where my thyroid is but I hear about people having lumps potentially in a variety of places on their necks so just trying to get an idea of what is normal. Mine is further down than yours, right under what I guess is the woman's version of the Adam's apple, on the right.

Good to know you were referred for a scan (despite having to chase it up which is annoying). I'm not worried as such, but I do feel that left to their own devices my surgery would do very little for me so I have to be on top of things.

During a visit to a private doc a couple of years ago (for something unrelated) I was diagnosed with a heart murmur and it took something like a year for my gp to refer me for an echocardiogram as they kept telling me they didn't hear anything, or I must have had a virus when I got the dx, etc. I don't feel like I can trust them.

Thanks again and good luck with your scan. xx


This site has a "virtual body" approach to anatomy:

But it is very important to realise that thyroids are variable - they can be in the tongue (lingual thyroid), more-or-less in the chest (mediastenal), it can have various lumps and bumps. So variability seems to be the order of the day.

So far as I am aware, the only realistic way of finding out is to have a scan - whether ultrasound or something else (e.g. MRI).



Many thanks Rod. Both the site and your description were very helpful.


Good luck at getting appointment for a good GP who'll sort this out for you. How worrying for you


Thanks. I'm really not worried about the lump - these things are usually nothing - but I never look forward to seeing the doctor and I don't really want another issue to fight about with them. I mainly just want them to do what they should rather than sending me home.

I'm also going to ask about a mammogram so I predict they will act like I'm a hypochondriac ("worried well") taxing their resources. x


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