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Ultrasound had lumps on, told have immune thyroiditis, TSH 2.5


I have been unable, despite extensive reading, to understand exactly what the above means!

I had a lump in my cheek and had an ultrasound, and then a biopsy last Thursday. It is not a blocked salivary gland as thought, it's a cyst or a tumour. I'll find out which next Wednesday.

The radiologist also asked to ultrasound my neck and took pictures of lumps in my thyroid, and told me I have or have had autoimmune thyroiditis. She asked if my neck had been tender. It hasn't.

BUT I have been very tired for a year, lost my outer eyebrows (although they are a bit better now) have nails that are ridged and brittle and break off along edges, foot pain, difficulty concentrating, constipation (despite eating a diet full of veg, fruit, wholemeal bread and drinking at least 3.5 litres a day) etc.

I put all these symptoms down to other causes - I am a type 1 diabetic.

I had bloods taken on Monday and was told today that they had tested my TSH and it was normal at 2.5.

What do I do now?

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I would ask for a print out of the tests they did shobwing the ranges in brackets and post again. Antibodies should have been tested to see if you still have autoimmune thyroiditis. You also need FT 4 ,FT3 ,folate ,ferritin, vitD and B12 results.

LolaP in reply to Treepie

Thanks, Treepie. Very reluctant to test, our GPs and as I can't drive for medical reasons can't get anywhere else. However, I know my Vitamin D WAS low as i had that tested more than a year ago and was so low they prescribed it - I took 10,000 all at once given to me by Dr friend and then 5,000 iu a day and when it was retested it was normal. So take 2,000 a day now. I asked for the ranges and was told it wasn't on there... by the results line, may phone again to ask. My cholesterol was 5.1 and it is normally quite low.

Treepie in reply to LolaP

If you can afford it Blue Horizon offers tests by mail.

LolaP in reply to Treepie

Wow, thank you, I find it very hard to find these replies, will have to get used to this forum!

Funnily enough I mailed one of the places recommended by Thyroid UK earlier but they were too far away.

I wish it was easier - I have no idea if my symptoms are due to other things or whether it's worth having a look.

I also mailed my diabetes nurse and she sent the mail to my endocrinologist (for my diabetes) and she said my 'thyroid function is normal' - however, I have no idea if that is taken from my TSH level now or another test I have had in the past.

I'm speaking to the Dr on Monday about this and will ask for the range of the TSH test.

If I get nowhere instead of testing I might try the selenium/iodine thing in small amounts and se if that makes me feel any more bouncy. I really don't care about my eyebrows and nails but I would like more energy.

Thank you for your advice.


Just looked at Blue Horizon and they are more expensive than the Genova people who do a complete screen for £102.

Treepie in reply to LolaP

I had the thyroid 11 test for £69 by the finger prick method.I think they occasionally do offers.

I had Type 2 diabetes last December but was below the range by March having cut out all the cakes/scones/ deserts.Now my wife is being tested for it and thyroid which is " dark" according to ultrasound which found nothing in her salivary duct after two infections.

Do you mean salivary problems can be caused by the thyroid?

Type 2 is definitely reversible but it's hard work.

My Dr friend talked to a diabetes expert after a conference as we have a mutual friend who is type 1 who was on the ridiculously over-carbed 'diabetic' diet. She felt he had become type 2 as well as type one as the diet was so high in carbs - he was having to take larger and larger amounts of insulin. Expert agreed, says it's a common problem.

So she put him on a low carb diet (not just leaving out biscuits and things - any carbs are broken down into glucose, so loads of pasta or rice, and particularly potato and some fruit can have the same effect. 3/4 plate veg, few tablespoons of rice, max 3 potatoes, half a hand of protein. He is now on a small dose of insulin.

You may find the above diet helpful if you slip into the diabetes lane again - because it does become harder.

So - I spoke to the Dr, told him about the findings, told him about my thyroid scan and the mention of autoimmune thyroiditis. He said but my TSH levels have been level since 2000, averaging about 2, at the lowest 1.9. So I asked him what could be causing my symptoms, and could I be not converting it? and he asked who did the scan and looked up the results. Then he said they do mention autoimmune thyroiditis, I'll do a T3/T4 blood test. Hooray! (Hope this is enough).

Also i went to the hospital yesterday to get the original biopsy results and the consultant was about to book me for TSH and T3 and T4 so luckily i think it is being taken seriously at least.

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