Mucin? Fatty lumps on ankles, elbows, hips. Putting weight on - but not normal weight?

My ankles have got egg-sized lumps in the cavity below the bones and my elbows on the inside are swollen with a jelly-like substance and feel sore. Mucin? My arm-pits are similar, and hips and groin feel 'different' from how they were before. My legs are like trunks, so heavy and full. I have just taken the faulty gene test. Anyone else have similar things happening?

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  • Could these be lymph nodes? Can you get a lymphatic drainage massage and see if it helps?

  • Thank you - I have had lymphatic drainage massages but this mucin is sticky and like a jelly layer which will not budge.

  • Why yes. Not the lumps but 1) intractable weight gain, and 2) phenomenal swelling, hands including fingers, wrists, abdomen, hips, legs, face n eyes n neck, and maybe shoulders. It's out of control. And it hurts. My abdomen gets so big sometimes I literally, no exaggeration,look ready to give birth. I have to wear loose or stretchy clothes to accommodate the fluctuations. I look totally unlike my photo from December. This started in January. I am wondering if it is myxedema. This is what finally forced me to go to an endocrinologist.

    I'm so sorry u r experiencing this. Get it checked out by an endo. Myexedema can be dangerous. Good luck in getting the swelling under control. Please let me know if anything helps n I will do the same.

  • So sorry to hear about your experiences Chrystalheart - yes, it is the knock on effects on organs as well that concerns me, if it is myxoedema. Medics have just called them fatty 'lumps' - but it feels more like mucin is depositing around the connective tissues. This is permanent - and not fluctuations - and I am sure is to do with being under-medicated. I am seeing someone about it this month.

    I also get fluctuations around my abdomen particularly too. Could it be connected to eating something we are not tolerating and reacting to, as well as not being correctly medicated. I know that my gut is not healed yet ??

  • The endo is putting me on 5000 iu vit d, a medicine that increases water in the stool to prevent constipation, and a very strict low carb, low fat, high protein diet. I think it will help because at least I'm not compounding the swelling in my abdomen. I think the pain is just when the swelling is very bad. And I forgot, I am getting oval lumps between the tendons on my hands. The biggest one is about 1 inch in diameter. I'm also trying to avoid things that upset my gut which is a little challenging. I suggest taking before and after pics for your doctor appt, since it is intetmittant or using a tape measure.

  • Sounds as if your under medicated..... What are your levels of TSH - FT4 and importantly FT3 ? Anti-bodies ? VitD - B12 - Iron - Ferritin - Folate levels ?

  • Thanks Marz - I am definitely under medicated. I have only recently joined the forum and gave all my test results in a previous post. I realise now that I am not getting T3 at a cellular level so am about to embark on taking it soon. All these extra symptoms confirm it for me.

  • I have got what sounds like the same swellings on my lower ankles, armpits, and several other places. None of mine are painful, apart from one on my lower back. I have had a scan of several of them, and was told that they are lipomas - I seem to be producing them rather too quickly for my liking, and I absolutely hate them. I've been told that nothing will be done about them unless they are very painful or cause a "real" problem (no idea what constitutes a "real" problem).

    It obviously might not be the same thing you have at all, but they used to really worry me until they were diagnosed. I don't have any different sensations in my legs or anything though. I've been told that they are genetic, but have yet to find any other "lumpy" family members.

    What is the faulty gene test?

  • Thank you for your reply. That is interesting - I have not been given a name for mine but I am sure that things happen in our bodies for a reason. I have read in various places about the mucin build up symptom of undertreated hypothyroidism, so I am thinking that the swellings around my joints and under the skin in various places are definitely mucin and a direct consequence of not receiving adequate T3 to my cells.

    I read about the D102 gene test taken with Regenerus labs, have taken it (saliva) and am awaiting the result - details on the Thyroid UK info pages about tests. Apparently we can inherit from one or both parents a problem converting/absorbing T3. Even though our blood test result may show an adequate level of T3, we are not getting enough at a cellular level - that is why we persist in having so many symptoms. I took the 24 hr urine test too, which definitely showed my T3 to be abysmally low, although ok in blood test, so whatever the result of the gene test, I am going to start taking T3 when I get my head round it all, as I have left it long enough being on Levo only.

  • I too have exactly the same lumps under the ankle bones on both feet. They feel like puffy jellies. I blame these for the pains in my feet and heels. I have no idea what they are but certainly didn't have them before becoming hypo. I also have 2 lumps on one of my arms and they were diagnosed as lypomas. I was told by the Doc that they are best left alone The lypomas are firmer than the fatty lumps at the ankle bones.

  • Thanks Doris - yes for me these things are connected to being hypo.

  • Activated charcoal will help remove these lumps on the ankles. Discovered this by accident.

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