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December 13

serum TSH level (XaELV) 28.00mu/L (0.2 - 4.0)

Free T4 5pmol/L (7.8- 14.4)

prescribed 50mcg levothyroxine

February 14

Serum TSH level (XaELV) 2.69 mu/L (0.2 - 4.0 )


Could someone please shed some light on these results I'm new to this and really don't understand any of it. I was prescribed 50mcg levothyroxine, this made me worse so stopped this a couple of days ago, I am currently taking liothyronine 10mcg only. Dr states everything is normal now. I'm due to be tested again in 5 weeks.

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Your TSH in Dec was high, it has improved but if I had a level of 2.69 I would feel very unwell. Mine needs to be below 1. I would persevere with the full medication, it takes at least 6 weeks to have full effect and I would think you need a further increase of meds. Others on here have better idea so hope they will get back to you.


PS just spotted your TPO level which is very high and suggests Hashimoto's which is an auto immune disease. I also suffer with this and am reading about the Paleo diet which excludes gluten from the diet. The Paleo solution by Robb Wolf is a good book!


Thanks crimple, when you say the full medication do you mean I should be taking both the T4 and T3, at present I am only taking the T3 and I am feeling really ill can barely stay awake and my whole body aches.


I would say you should try to take both the T3 and the T4 if possible. Hope you feel better soon. Have you had your Vitamins and things checked? Optimum levels of Vit D, B12, plus Folate and Ferritin help a lot of people on this site make best use of the thyroid meds and feel significantly better.


I'm not sure about vitamins my initial blood test was full bloods so I assume they were checked but all I was told was everything was normal, I will check with my Dr would I take the T3 and T4 at the same time, I will give it a go cant go on like this.



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