Endo that works with thryroid patients only


Found an endo who sees only people with thyroid conditions at The Yorkshire clinic in Bingley. I was wondering if anyone had any expereince with this clinic or could direct to thyoid endo only at other clinics

Thanks Christine

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  • Maybe if you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org who may have some information.

  • Thans Shaws

  • I would be grateful for his / her name for future reference . By pm please.

  • Hi,

    Im waiting for the Yorkshire clinic to get back to me, as soon as i have a name i wll let you know.

    Thanks Christine

  • Thanks Christine. It is unusual to find an endo who is not primarily a diabetic specialist. I saw an endo at the Spire hospital who said he was the only one in the District who would prescribe Armour,which after several other costly tests he did- but as since then I have been doing ok on Levo I have not risked it ,although I have a worsening problem with tendon pain which maybe thyroid related. Off to see acupuncturist tomorrow .If that does not work I shall have to try the NDT.

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