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I will start erfa 30 (18mcg T4 and 4mcg T3)Is too much one grain for a starting dose??

Hi everybody

After two years taking levo 25mcg then 50 mcg and finally 75mcg the first year I have to dropped to 50mcg because I starting to have vertigo and terrible headhaches.. Then feeling bad in my actual dose (25mcg)due to I can''t tolerate more..

My iron and ferritin are ok, B12 ok,onlyy Vitamin D3 very low now taking 5000iu per day.

I dont know how my adrenals are but I will test them in a few months(when my economy will be better :-) I am concern if one grain on a starting dose its too much my endo said its a very low dose...Any advices??I thougth to split the dosen1/2 at 7 am and the other at 13.00pm...I am really lost in this I will really aprecciate any advises. Thank you. My endo recommend me a multi vitamin but it contais soja in a very low amount, anybody can recommend me a good multivitamin?thanks again.

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1 grain of Erfa is equivalent to about 60mcg of levo, so it's not a high dose. This is a link and cursor towards the bottom of the page to see the conversion chart:-

You can start on 1 grain I take my medication first thing in the morning with 1 glass of water. You can wait up to an hour before taking breakfast. You can then go about a normal life and I hope you feel much better. Don't be too long on a low dose and you can increase gradually by about 1/4 gr each time till you feel well. You shouldn't have the problems you have had with levo as NDT is synergistic with our bodies. It is not synthetic.

I hope you feel better soon.


Hi shaws thanks for your quick reply so why it said that one grain contains 18 and 4 mcg??one grain is one whole pill no?I m sorry for this questionsss but my brainfog dont allow me to think more...sorryyy:-)


I have just noticed you asked a question but I wasn't emailed as you didn't press the yellow Reply so was unaware that you needed a response.

I was wrong when I said that 1 gr Erfa is 60mcg as that is what I believed at the time. I now find that 1 gr NDT is approx equal to 100mcg levo.


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