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Hi all, member of the Thyroid UK site, not been that active due to family illness and having to deal with this : ...for my Mum and Dad.

This applies mainly to folks living in Scotland, the company, according to companies house ,are in administration/ceased trading , but to make you aware just in case this lowlife evades justice and sets up a new company and tries to dupe innocent , hardworking folks with the same lies.

My mother, especially, is quite astute, and I don't know what made her part with money like this, but she did, and now, unfortunately is chasing her tail to recoup theirs.

So folks if you or a relative, especially the elederly receive a call from such, DO NOT part with any money over the phone .

The whole government scheme in itself is flawed , as you have to pay the money back through your gas and electricity bills, so essentially not saving any money, if at all, so lies that these companies peddle in respect to " no extra cost to yourself " , is piffle, and also as my mother was told the debt you don't manage to clear through the aforementioned stays with the address , it DOES NOT.

Please make your friends and family aware.

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Sorry to hear this.xx

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Thank you x


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