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Seeing GP tomorrow

I'm off to see my GP tomorrow and I'm worried. The last letter from my endo was so negative that I'm scared of losing support. T3 is definitely helping, though some of the symptoms are still persisting. What I'd really like is a top-down endocrine work-up(?)because of my pituitary tumour history. I'm not convinced that my adrenals are working as they should,and I was warned of this as a likelihood when the tumour was excised 30+ years ago. If only my GP will back my T3 and refer me to a different more open-minded endo I can move on,though my mood is pretty awful at the moment. Keeping a happy face is getting to be really difficult,so wish me luck!

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Best of Luck mumcat !

I see my chap on Monday, but he is a homeopath recommended by TUK. I am looking for a diagnosis rather than treatment, as I realise it will take stronger meds to sort me out.

I can't believe how difficult this all is for so many people! I took my own bloods this morning at 5am to catch the circadian rhythm and they are winging their way to Blue Horizon now. I am hopeful but ready for a disappointment. The very best of Luck for tomorrow!! XX




hi, mumcat2. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, I hope all goes well. Remember it is your body and no one else knows how it feels, they may think they know - but they don't - so be strong and stand your ground. Good luck. ( I am wound up today, There should be no need for - luck - to be involved !!!) x


Thanks Evey. It never rains my husband's found out he may have a problem with his aorta,and our daughter may be thyroid too - blood tests next week. Ah well...


If it's not one b----- thing it's another! Sending you all a big hug.x


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