Endo had referred me back to my GP without seeing me! :-(

Sometimes I think you really couldn't write the script when it comes to the thyroid! After frustrating appointments with my GP and fighting for blood tests and a referral to an endo- I've received a letter today letting me know that I'm being referred back to my GP and to phone them to find out why! Back to the drawing board.

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  • I understand how frustrated you must be but you could try looking at it this way, at least you haven't been through all the wasted time of waiting for the appt and then being treated like an idiot by the endo.

    We will all cross our fingers that the endo has referred you back to the gp telling them to give you the correct meds or amount of meds and you'll have saved yourself all that time and effort. Keep us updated when you ring the gp

  • I hope so, thanks :-)

  • Some members have awaited their appointments with great hopes only for them to be dashed and sent away with no real help or understanding of their condition. The Endo has probably looked at your results and gone by your TSH alone as many only take notice of that and not clinical symptoms..

  • I've just read the article and OMG it explains so much, I'm stunned! I've dieted and lost half my weight twice, and each time I've become poorly with severe hypo symptoms and pain and fatigue, gained weight again - and no one has known enough to understand what was happening and help me wow. Guess who's getting a copy of that dropped off tomorrow!

  • It's a good job we can't all get away with not doing our jobs properly! The sad thing is, in a bittersweet way it's comforting to know I'm not on my own :-( ...let's see what the doc says when she phones

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