Seeing doc tomorrow-am I well enough?

I'm currently on 100mcg of Levo and last month my GP decided no further action was required. Luckily when I saw a different GP and said I still had symptoms she ordered a whole raft of tests for me. I'm due to go back for the results tomorrow and I'm feeling a bit of a fraud because in the month since I saw her, things seem to have improved a bit. I never felt really "ill" but my main symptoms: thinning hair, constipation, brain fog, mood swings, weight problems were really getting me down. Now, for the first time in my life I'm going to the loo regularly, my hair (though still really dry and unmanageable) does seem to be getting thicker, my mood swings aren't half as bad and I don't feel as though I'm as "fuzzy" as I was (I had totally lost my confidence when driving, and felt it was only a matter of time before I had an accident). However, I am still having problems with my weight, I get horrible acne spots, have dreadfully dry body skin, have no libido whatsoever and still don't feel 100% so my question is (reading that back I think I've answered my own question!) should I be grateful that things have improved and could possibly continue to improve, or should I push for T3, which might help my weight? Since I have a family history of heart disease I am a bit put off by reports of palpitations with T3-also It seems a bit of a pain working out when to take it's not affected by other things? I take my Levo in the middle of the night which works great for me. Any thoughts anyone?

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  • Just see what the tests bring up - I think your worrying over nothing as, even though you say you feel fine, its good to know how your vitamin and thyroid levels are so if nothing else at least you will have piece of mind (that's if she has actually tested all the vitamins thyroid sufferers can be low in).

    I wouldn't push for T3 until you have seen the results and talked them through with the GP - especially now that T4 seems to be working for you. As you say T3 can be a very hard drug to manage and, as I am one of those people that suffered heart palps on it, if your body is adjusting well to T4 then T3 might just be to much for it. You don't have to close the door totally on T3 but possibly postpone asking for it until you see if you continue to improve on T4 alone. You may just find that any remaining symptoms you have are down to low iron or low VitD (that's if these have been tested and if they haven't then you need to ask for them along with B12, Ferritin and Folates) so really it all depends on you results.

    Moggie x

  • You're right Moggie-I probably am worrying over nothing! I was just so stunned (and grateful) to be offered all of the tests and I'm just really interested in what they bring up. Tomorrow will tell!

  • Don't forget to ask for a copy of ALL the tests you have had done so that you can post them on here for more help.

    Moggie x

  • Yes I will do. Thanks x

  • Moggie's advice is good.

    This is a link re T3 as I had palpitations all the while on Levo as well as feeling very unwell but T3 had a very calming and uplifting effect and I was able to stop betablockers. As you will see from Moggie's experience of T3 we are all different in our needs.

    In your question, 'am I well enough' suggests to me that you may still need another small increase as you still have some symptoms.

  • Like you say, we are all so different-what works for one doesn't necessarily mean it will work for everyone. The GP might not even suggest T3 so I'm putting the cart before the horse a bit ;-)

  • I doubt the GP will suggest T3 but if later on you think it may be advantageous to you there is an article by Dr Toft in Pulse online which says that some T3 may be added to T4.

  • Yes I'm probably getting concerned unnecessarily as it will be a miracle if I'm offered T3 without begging!

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