Atrial fibrillation cause

Hi I had hyperthyroidism 14 years ago it settled down following a course of carmibazole for 18 months. 4 weeks ago I had an operation on my neck to remove a parathyroid adenoma which was found and removed from my goitre. Soon after the op I felt ill and developed a temp. But my body didnt feel quite right but my gp and me put it down t the op. Well on the 13 jan after 6 years I went into afib again. Landed in hosp for a week on ccu and was informed that the op on my neck had triggered my hyperthyroidism and that had triggered my afib. My tsh temains at 0.1 and my t3 a d t4 have just dropped from high t normal I am on 40mg per day of carmibazole. Can anyone explain why t3 a d t4 are so important. Regards t u all carroll

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As I understand it having looked at several research papers a few years ago the heart requires T3 in order for the electrical current to operate through it properly. It's often used in the US (I don't know about here as there are no papers on it) during heart bypass operations as well. Jane x

Hi That is interesting as FT3 too low or too high certainly exacerbates the problem


Hi AF can start at any time, however early onset is common with thyroid disease, there is certainly an unknown relationship between them. make sure you are on anti coagulation, vital and under an arrhythmia consultant cardio. You should always be under a cardio and Endo. A.F not too serious but the anti coagulation is vital as sometimes causes strokes.

Make sure your electrolytes are Ok. calcium, care if taking vit D, magnesium, tiny range , and U`s and E`s, kidney function, potassium and Sodium. Must always be in range, Potassium bit range, generally aim for 4.

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