How does a doctor diagnose Hashimoto's ?

My last blood test showed High Thyroid peroxidase antibody level of * 546 u/mL 28 - 60, and a TSH of 6.6.

Will the doctor automatically diagnose me with hashi's, or will they need to run more tests ?

I try, and read as much as I can regarding thyroid, but my brain struggles to understand it all !

Thank you for your patience,


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  • You already have Hashimotos and your TSH is far too high hemnce you need treatment fast plus a prescription exemption certificate

  • The presence of the antibodies is enough. Technically it is Hashi if you have a goitre & autoimmune thyroiditis if not, but they are the same thing.

  • Thanks, will I need an official diagnosis before I can get the prescription exemption certificate ?


  • I guess the doc has to sign it off, yes. Don't really know as they are still arguing over me!!

  • Have you been officially diagnosed then ?

  • Nope! GP & endo still refusing to treat me based on TSH but I have had my own testing done & my TG antibodies are 25 times over range! If I get nowhere with them this week, I am going to self medicate

  • Did you get the TPA tested ?

  • TPO? Yes, under range.

  • ...that result should be enough for a Hashimotos Thyroiditis diagnosis. Treatment should commence. FT4 ? FT3 ? were they tested ?

    VitD B12 Ferritin Folate Iron - were they tested ? Check out Hashimotos under Browse by Category on the right of this page. Also check out the website of Thyroid UK where there is so much useful information about testing that is required.... and lots of explanations....

  • My T4 was 16.2 pmo/l 11 - 22.6, T3 was not tested, vitamin D was 18.1 ( they put me on Vit D3 )

    Folate was 2.9 ug/L 4.6 - 18.7

    B12 was 358 ( 191 -663 )

  • Would suspect all the LOW results are linked. How much D3 have they prescribed ? How much B12 are you taking....and are you taking it with Folic Acid - the two work together. Sadly Docs do not seem aware. Check out hampster1 on this forum or put B12 into the Search Box on the Green bar and have a read - you will most certainly come across her excellent knowledge.....

  • Thank you for the links, interesting reading.

  • folate is way too low should be at least 9

    i bet ferritin is also very low

    both need treating before trying to treat the hypothyroid plus your doctor need to bone up on Hashimotos fast

  • The ferritin wasn't too bad, but am going to get something to up the folate, thanks.

  • both ferritin and folate must be well over halfway up the range

  • I had raised antibodies after not feeling at all well for a couple of weeks (on levo since 2007 Tsh then was 5.6)

    GP only did antibody test when I asked for it. When the result came back my medication was increased slightly but I wasn't told I had Thyroiditis (I don't have a goiter) and not told what the treatment/out come might be. I have since read about the Paleo diet and being Gluten free ( I had been on wheat free) I also paid for an ultra sound scan which showed my thyroid was very severely shrunken. I think the key with this disease is to go GF/Paleo and ensure that all vitamins/ mineral levels in blood are high in the ranges as suggested often on this site. good luck

  • I have been looking into the gf, and will give it a go, thanks.

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