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Basal Temp

Morning All.

Someone suggested to me that I should capture my basal temp before getting up in the morning.

Today's result is 36.3.

What is the significance of this being below 37? And What does it point to? I am assuming it's cortisol / adrenals or something.

Does drinking water during the night impact these measurements?

What about having to get up for a pee?!


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When we are hypothyroid our temp/pulse is usually quite low, and the Broda Basal temp test is just a way of keeping an eye on them to see how our medication is working. Sometimes our temp might never come back to normal but as long as you feel warm and well that's fine.

When I was on levo I also had severe palpitations (not too much levo) and was able to make a record of how fast pulse was for GP. Just to say I had a fast pulse isn't the same as just 'fast'. The same if our pulse is too slow it means that our heart cannot pump normally.


I think a temp between 36 and 37 is considered normal, most people do not have a temp of 37 it is usually below 37. I used to work as a nurse, I think you only need to get things checked out if your temp is regularly below 36 at all times of day. Hope this helps.

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yes I agree x

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Thank you. Today's was 36.3


Hi MikeR

For what it's worth when I started on this journey I found my rising temperature was usually around 36.2/36.3 in the morning. As my symptoms improve, my temperature is gradually coming up and is now consistently 36.5-36.7 in the mornings. You may want to take a look here:

Hope this helps.

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