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Basal temperature test: How do people test this? My body temp means I need to adjust bed clothes, or clothes according to temp

If I must take the temp while still in bed, I am often quite warm due to having bed clothes according to temp. Waking in bed temp cannot be accurate for me. If I get cold I find it hard to get to sleep ... how to get an accurate picture of basal temp?

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You need a thermometer to be by your bedside the old fashioned mercury ones are the best. First thing in the morning as you wake be fore you get out of bed you should take your temperature. I took mine under my tongue but the original tests were done with temperature under your arm -ie arm pit. You should plot this each day along with any signs or symptoms and your level of wellness If you are female you will need to allow for your period -taking your temperature during the first three days of your period is pointless. So I would log when period starts end etc...

Your Thyroid by Dr Barry Peatfield is a really useful book and he describes this method. with a chart to log in.


Thanks, Waveylines - my problem is that being in bed gives a falsely warm temperature, because I have had to adjust the bedclothes to get warm. As this is not a calibrated science, I can often end up a wee bit warm, which would give an elevated temperature if I stay in bed, but that is better than too cold for sleep. Book also says not wear bed socks - I need bed socks to keep my feet warm, and to stop them waking me when I subconsciously move them to another part of the bed. Even during the day I am adjusting to keep warm - and if temp is such that a top is slightly too warm, that may be better than too cold.

How does basal temperature work when I need to physically adjust clothing, and can over compensate? It is a bit of a mystery to me - and it is supposed to be a real help to monitor progress.


Hi It can be a good guide, but people like me, often have a low temp.permenently , so never worked for me.



I always find it a bit odd how I can be roasting hot and only clock up a temperature of 33.6??


If your body is cold, then the surroundings can feel warmer in comparison.


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