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doctors in north/east London or Essex who prescribe NDT?

Sorry - I know I shouldn't ask this directly and am sure there are resources on the site somewhere - but I can't find them.

My daughter has tried a number of endos to help get her well after RAI but with the exception of one brilliant consultant who has now moved overseas, she is not having a great experience. She'd now like to try NDT but we're not sure how best to go about it.

Does it have to be private or are there some endo's who will prescribe on NHS?

Can anyone advise on sympathetic endo or doctor in north/east London, central London or Essex area?

Thank you!

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If anyone knows can they please send a private message.

If you email who has a list of sympathetic NHS Endos/private doctors. Unfortunately, at present their internet and phones are down due to a fault.


Ah yes that's right - we can't put them directly on the site can we? I will get in touch with louise. If anyone does feel that they can make a recommendation then please pm me too. thank you x


I'd like to know too. I need an NHS one that treats with t3 only in Essex pls.


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