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Thoughts on Wilson Temperature syndrome?

So I have discovered that body temperature plays a massive part in thyroid function, migraine, anxiety, adrenal issues etc

I am convinced I'm not converting T4 to T3 effectively but until I can have the appropriate test done I won't know for sure ( I have an I going saga of the lab declining to test my T3)

My temperature average yesterday was 96.9 and today 97.0

Now according to Dr Wilson if your temperature averages below 98.6 the likely hood is there's a problem and he recommends treatment with T3.

His theory seems to have been poo poo'd on the basis there is lack of evidence supporting this so I'm guessing if I mention this to the Endo (when I eventually do get to see him) that he won't have a scooby doo what I'm talking about!

Any thoughts?

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I have recently discovered Wilson's Temp Syndrome too and I agree with you about Endos and GPs having the same view about this. I too run on low temp and have hypothyroidism and recently asked my Endo about T3/T4 combination or NDT. She did not think any of it would help in my case but I wonder if her answer stems from the fact that they are under the same umbrella as the clinical commissioning group run by GPs. I have recently been turned down for NDT by my GP surgery via the CCG! It seems that the only answer is to get a private blood test undertaken but I'm not sure what else we can do to make them listen! I've just written to my Endo about this but she is NHS based so not expecting positive response. Would be interested to know if you find anything else out about this subject. I am also not sure what tests are required to confirm we have low body temperature either.




This is what I am dealing with currently. I am on steroids for Adrenal Disease I have. Have you had a chance to look at Dr. Rinds Temp. Graph ? You have to treat the adrenals before you can treat the thyroid. I am currently doing Wilson's Protocol but my steroids I take causes my temps to be higher. My t3 levels are lower then they need to be. Synthroid alone doesn't make me feel right (t4), I found a doctor who is going to add in t3 for me. I am so happy about that. Endo doctor's doesn't believe in that type of thing. Which is not right, they focus on labs only, text books, you need to find a doctor that sees you as a whole and not a text book if that makes any sense. The kind of doctor I found was a MD but she is a integrative doctor. She test me for Saliva Test and my Insurance paid for it. She does all the thyroid labs all the frees, Endo doctors only believe in Reference Range no matter how you feel. Find a doctor who believes in Optimal Range. I am in the US so I am not sure how hard it is to find a doctor like that. Do you have signs of adrenal problems? Has he tested the acth test to see what your adrenal are doing? Because unless you get them optimal, its dangerous to add in Thyroid meds with Low Cortisol. Take it from someone who did it lol..


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