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T3 reference range question+ bloods advice. Anyone know of any research papers that say we should be in the top quarter of range please?

Reading on here and other sites people say our results should be near the top of the reference range to feel good.Does anyone have any research to back this up as I may need to challenge my consultant.

I am on liothyronine[T3] -40mcg split in 3.

my last bloods TSH 0.4 [0.3-5.50]

f T4 3.4 [7-17]

FT3 4.3 [3.5-6.5]

I took my last dose 24 hours before blood draw.

Dr says I am adequately replaced. Had a virtual clinic review so didn't get to speak to him!!!

Every time I have arise in meds I feel good for about 3 weeks and then my symptoms come back.

I have searched the T3 results tags as Marz suggested but cannot find anything.{thanks Marz}

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I don't know if this will give you the info you need.

I note you are taking your T3 split into daily doses. Dr John Lowe who himself used T3, and his patients who used T3 or NDT within his protocol only advised one daily dose. More information in the link below.


And finally, why do I specify that the typical patient use one full dose of non-timed-release Cytomel for life? Because extensive testing has shown that this is safe, effective, and most economical—when used within the context of our entire protocol.

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Hi Shaws thanks for the info.unfortunately it doesn't say anything about T3 only T4 needing to be near the top.

I'll try taking it once a day from tomorrow thanks for suggestion.



This isn't a research paper but a recommendation from Stop the Thyroid Madness Now website.

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thanks Heloise I hadn't seen that page before. Some interesting info.but alas no help in convincing consultant. I am just going to have to emphasize my continuing symptoms


Hi there

I came across this paper - it is a bit difficult to follow as the way the researchers measure T4 and T3 is different from what we are used to in UK. However, the message seems to be that hypothyroid patients on T4 replacement may appear to have similar test results to euthyroid people but the T4/T3 ratio is different and indicates the need for higher FT4 results. (At least I think that is what it is saying!)

Helvella is good at interpreting this kind of thing - maybe if he sees this he could help!



Hi Liz interesting paper I am going to have to read again first thing in the morning as I cannot retain the info nowAt the moment I don't think it's helpful as on T3 only but on re-reading I might make the connection. Thanks for the find Jill


Sorry, I hadn't read your first post properly and didn't realise you were talking about FT3 and T3 only. In that case it probably won't help. It is still interesting!


If this link doesn't say HOW MUCH T3 DO I NEED, find the link in the header.


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