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ultra scan on my neck & behind my ears

I was told I had over active thyroid just after Christmas and my GP asked me to come in 2 weeks for a second blood test and he gave me 5mg pill and increased my prodromal from 60mg to 120mg I was not told about my scan I thought it was to do with a driftnet matter when the Doctor asked me how long had I had thyroid problems asking if I had problems with my throat like difficulty swallowing hoarseness and to my horror I realised it all came back to me from 2010 I kept loosing my voice and all I was getting was antibiotics up until my GP relished they were doing nothing for me I was sent for a swallow test and I hade a x-ray and their was a small shadow but nothing to worry about could it be something to do with my thyroid please can anyone put me in the picture as I have no clue thank you

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Hi The swallow test is different. The tests for the thyroid, ultra sound. , often show an enlarged thyroid and nodules. Common. If nodules found then they should always be biopsied, under ultra sound, fine needle, by a radiologist. They can make the voice and swallowing, terrible, like mine. Some times worse than others

Your GP sounds gfood, lucky you! I would ask about the previous investigation, just to put your mind at rest.

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