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Thyrotoxicosis and concomitant hypercalcemia

In clinical practice, serum electrolytes of patients with hyperthyroidism are often ignored. The prevalence of hypercalcemia in patients with thyrotoxicosis was 17% to 50% in literatures,1,2and asymptomatic serum calcium elevation has been documented in up to 20%.1We described a case of hypercalcemia related to thyrotoxicosis, which had been neglected by the doctors at the first visit.

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But that's in China - things work differently there. :-) At least that is how it feels!

I wonder how often things like this occur but are never noticed at all? On the basis that in many cases, they suggest, the calcium issue resolves as the thyroid hormone issue is treated, I imagine quite often.



"But that's in China - things work differently there."

Yes, they publish "the doctors neglected to..." Can't imagine that being included in UK & USA research articles. :-D


Hi This is all very true. people often do not realize that a good Endo looks after all the electrolytes, the important ones being potassium, magnesium , calcium and sodium. This is a very specialized part of the Endo system. Some overlaps with cardiac and renal. This is also why it is so vital that vit D must only be taken with frequent calcium tests (corrected calcium). It should be prescribed too My calcium went too high, over range and I had to stop all D. I have osteomalacia, adult rickets, not nice! However, no alternative. if high calcium, over range, may be a symptom of PTH ( parathyroid0 disease, more tests, if possible. When calcium reaches 3, well over range. the only treatment is an IV in hospital, it is very dangerous but calcium at 3 is even more dangerous, heart,kidney, ( stones)..

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"people often do not realize that a good Endo looks after all the electrolytes..."

Possibly, because all too often the consultation ends with "I'm happy with your thyroid" and nothing else is looked at. My calcium was last checked in May 2012.


I had hypercalcemia last year due to thyrotoxsis ,i was told it was due to levo dose being to high ,once it was lowered the hypercalcemia righted itself .


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