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At my wits end and still no T3!

So apparently I'm Euthyroid and 'normal' B12 despite my ongoing. symptoms of Hypo and Anxiety!

Serum TSH 2.5 (0.30-6.00)

Serum free T4 17.2 (10.00-22.00)

Still no T3 despite it being specifically requested 3 times!

Serum vitamin B12 468 (191-663)

Serum folate 6.7 (4.60-18.70)

My TSH has dropped dramatically from 11.2 tested 31/1/14- I attribute this to separating taking my HRT 4 hours later than my Thyroxine (100mcg) as advised.

What now? :( completely fed up, it appears that it's not my thyroid causing my Anxiety issues....I am just a crank!

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No your not - you can usually tell if your body is converting your levo to T3 by little tell tales signs - like your nails growing or your weight stabilising - but a test would be able to tell you exactly were you stand.

Your TSH still needs to be lower so now you are keeping your levo away from your HRT it should only be a matter of time before it's under one, which is what you should be aiming for.

Have you had your vitd and iron/ferritin tested? If not then maybe this should be your next step.

You could always ask your GP for a private T3 test. It was a while ago now but a member on here said she was charged £6 for the test by her GP - why don't you phone the receptionist and ask if they would do it and how much it would cost - you might be pleasantly surprised.

Moggie x

p.s. Interesting to see, by your results, just how much HRT interferes with thyroid meds.


I know what its like to feel like a crank! OMG, I feel very angry with being diagnosed now with cyclathemia ie..... mood swings, terrible anxiety and depression. Yes, maybe it is all psychologial but I truly believe that there is another autoimmune disease trying to invade my body again. The odds are stacked against me as ive got graves and graves eye disease. Iv got the point where I have started to not care about it anymore and just die!


Thanks Moggie my ferritin was 65 (13.00-150.00) I was told that my vitamin D is deficient D2 <5 D3 45 no ranges were given and no action as yet to bring it up.

My nails are awful splitting ridges and brittle, I feel like I have a permanent lump in my throat, I have lost most of my eyebrows, my hands and feet are always cold and my weight has increased by 2 stone over the past 2-3 years coincidently when my Anxiety started!

I am thinking about having a full Thyroid screen with Blue Horizon or Genova to check everything T3 RT3 antibodies and possibility a saliva test for my cortisol as I get definite adrenaline surges for no apparent reason.


I wouldn't be waiting for my GP to "bring up" your low vitd - the longer you stay low the longer your thyroid medication is compromised so buy yourself some good quality vitd drops and start them straight away. I wouldn't go for a spray as my GP informed that when using a spray it is anyone guess how much you are getting due to it bouncing off the tongue and back out of the mouth - yes GP's do talk sense

Yes going for private tests will give you a much better idea of exactly what is going on. Do you know if your GP will actually take any notice of private testing? as many refuse. If you are doing the testing for your own personal info then go for it but if you are going to use them to try and persuade your GP to give you further treatment then I would ask first if he/she will accept private blood test results.

Moggie x


Would you recommend I take a B12 supplement also Moggie as I still think it's quite low? My GP did actually suggest I may need to get my T3 tested privately. I just can't believe that labs can decide whether they are going to test it even though it has been specifically infuriates me to be honest!


You could supplement B12 for a few months but I would only supplement 1,000iu daily as its not that low.

If you are frustrated can you imagine how the doctors feel as I doubt very much this is only happening with thyroid patients. The NHS is in trouble and cannot keep spending the way they have been so something has got to be cut back - its not right but I can see why its happening.

Moggie x


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