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Thanks all you lovely people!

Thanks to the amazingly helpful responses I'm feeling a lot less nervous about the next step... shall let you know how I go but my we are all so different aren't we when it comes to hypo and what works?!!

So grateful for the support. I tried to answer everyone individually but the indentation went all over the place......

Be well and THANKS A BUNCH :-)

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Good on you, Jayne. It cheers me, and I'm pretty sure everyone else here, to know that people do feel better.


well done to you for your 'blog' and to recognise the help that so many people on this site try to give the rest of us glad that you have been helped and are feeling less stressed out ....alan


Absolutely less stressed out and SO touched that there is still so much caring in this crazy world.

Cheers Alan xx


just always remember to return the good karma to others when you can ------ it will always return IN ENORMOUSE QUANTITIES --- have a super weekend and a less stressful time ....alan xx


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