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Anti inflammatory drugs and Thyroxine

I am a bit of a wreck at the moment. I got a real bad pout of osteoarthiritis in my hands at the moment. Throbbing like mad and stops me sleeping. I take co-codamols daily for my backache ( had disks removed etc and got osteo there too ) So I took some of my husbands anti inflammatory tabs ( know its wrong so no lectures ) same tablets which I have had previously too. The ache disappeared so did the need for my daily co-codamols. It has been a long time since I was on anti inflammatories because they mix my stomach and I wonder if you are allowed to take them when you are taking levothyroxine ( obviously not together and few hours apart) and are there any new antiinflammatory drugs which are gentle to sensitive stomachs? Its just wonderful how quickly the pain went but dubious again how my belly react. And naturally I need to get my own tablets was an emergency :o)

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No lectures from me - I've been known to do the same and I bet I'm not alone. What sort are your hubby's anti-inflammatories? Did they upset your stomach?


They are Dicloflex 50mg , taken 3 all in all but no more , takes the pain away but stomach is not good. I am ringing to get an appointment today to discuss this. Thanks for the reply .


I'm on Celecoxib (brand name Celebrex, made by Pfizer) currently for a problem with my lower back into my pelvis which I'm currently seeing a Physio for. These are what my GP recommended and prescribed for me when I said I had terrible indigestion with Ibuprofen.

Strength per capsule is 200mg and my prescription says 'take one to two a day' - they also state they don't have to be taken with food but I do just in case. No problems with Indigestion on them after 2 weeks odd, mostly on two a day.


That sounds promising , he put me back on the naproxin which are horrid , very low doze but I decided not to take them. When I took my hubbys dicloflex I jumped out of the bed like a spring chicken no back ache at all , but dr said they won't prescribe them nilly-willy as they can affect your heart.



this morning had to call 111 had awful pain, neck across shoulder unable to breath.

ha injection of Diclofenac. Told GP I do't tolerate Brufens so I am prescribed Diclofenac gastro-resistant and Omeprazole gastro-resistance. have not taken them yet.


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