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Increase in thyroxine

Have been on an increased dose of thyroxine 125 daily up from 100 daily since 1st January - after one week my joint pains disappeared and my sleep was improved - however the last couple of days the joint pains and insomnia have returned. Can anyone tell me if it is possible that I would need yet another increase or what. It's fantastic when you get a few weeks pain free and I cannot bear the thought of returning to how things were. My GP told me to have my bloods retested after 8 weeks - I assume that this is long enough for my increase in medication to be at its peak.

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Hi Cassandra, a blood test should be done after 6 weeks on a new dose but the most important thing is how 'you feel'. As you say you felt good on your increase and now symptoms are appearing again it would suggest a rise is needed again. Don't let your doctor restrict your dose if your bloods appear 'normal' now. Most of us feel well with a TSH of around 1 or lower, or suppressed (which most doctors fear as they think it will give us problems).

If you email and ask for a copy of The Pulse online article and read question 6 and show to your GP and also Dr Toft mentions some T3 being added to T4.


Thank you for your reply - my situation now is just so confusing. I always have fluid retention but it has become worse since increase and also becoming more breathless - however before increase in dosage I was constipated but now I am having 4 bowel movements per day - I know if I relay that to my GP he will say cut down the meds again - surely if I increase meds again it will mean becoming more bloated and breathless with increased toilet visits. Any more advice please.


Breathlessness is a clinical symptom and I think that can be serious. It may be that if you are on levothyroxine alone it might not suit you or raise your metabolism sufficiently. You could also not be converting to sufficient T3 which is needed in all your Receptor Cells. T3 is the active hormone rquired by the billions of our cells.

The purpose of thyroid hormone replacement if hypo, is to bring us back to a normal healthy life with all symptoms gone. Unfortunately, levo doesn't always do that but the addition of some T3 might.

Also when you first increase your dose it takes about 5 or 6 weeks to settle. That's why a blood test every six weeks is helpful as long as GP doesn't keep anyone 'in range'. If you read question 6 on the link above, you will see how low our TSH can go but I doubt many doctors are aware of this whatsoever.

To low a dose can also cause other problems which we really shouldn't develop if optimally medicated.


After 6 weeks on increased medication (100 upped to 125) I had test done by Blue Horizon Medical - results are as follows:-

Active B12 - 185 - Range 25.1 - 165

Ferritin - 233 - Range 13 - 150

Serum Zinc - 19.3 - Range 11 - 18

TSH - 0.12 - Range 0.27 - 4.2

Free Thyroxine - 22.6 - Range 12.0 - 22

Free T3 - 4.3 - Range 3.1 - 6.8

Thyroglobulin Antibody - 62.7 - Range 0-115 Negative

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 5.2 - Range 0 - 34

25 OH Vitamin D - 114 - Range 50 - 200

TSH receptor antibodies <0.30 negative Range 0.81 - 3.0

Results say borderline hyperthyroid result

Ferritin level little high which can be a sign of inflammation or infection

Active B12 level is elevated

Small excess of zinc which can weaken immune system and result in a lowering of HDL cholesterol

Suggestion is to share results with my GP but its because of him that I have had to have private tests done and the only thing he will do is decrease medication. I know some people on here are excellent at reading results so can anyone please help. Apologies for such a long post. Blue Horizon suggest retesting in a few weeks but I cannot afford to do so financially.


Hi Cassandra I would suggest copying and pasting the above onto a brand new question for comments, giving a little resumej before:

On a new question you will get more responses as this will enable fresh replies as the original will be off the 'front' page.


Thank you - I am not sure how to do this but will give it a try


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