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My serum folate level is 5.3ug/L range (3.0 - 17.0) do I need to supplement?

With symptoms of air hunger, unable to sustain a regular exercise routine, irritability and lethargy, inability to concentrate. Its really getting me down. Could these be caused by low folate levels? If anyone has experience of this could you advise me please? Also which supplements do you recommend? Thank you in advance. X

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I'm in the same boat as you really. My folate is 6.4 (range 4.1 - something). I'm still trying to work out how much folic acid to take. My doctor said it was low in range but did not offer any supplementation. Is your iron OK? Mine was low and she did prescribe iron tablets.


Hi there. What folic acid are you taking? My iron is 86 and within range, although low in range. Also do you know what figure we should be aiming for? Did you have similar symptoms to mine?


Well at the moment I am taking a Vitamin B Complex but the folic acid is only 200mcgs which I know is far too little. I have been told that doctors prescribe 5mg if you are under range but you can't get these without a prescription. The only folic acid tablets I have found are 800mcgs max. I have been told on here that B12 should be taken at the same time and I have been taking B12 sublingually since last summer and my result in November was 477 (sorry can't remember the range) and my GP thought this was fine, although I continue to supplement as I think it should be higher.

My ferritin in November was 33 and I have just had blood tests last week to recheck (awaiting results). I believe we should be aiming for 70 - 90 on the ferritin so yours is looking good. My Doctor also agreed to test Vitamin D which I have never had tested before so that will be interesting.

Yes, my symptoms are like yours. I am working on the assumption that they are hypo symptoms and raising these important vitamins/iron etc together with help with converting T4 to T3. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

It's the brain fog and inability to concentrate or focus on things that is really getting me down. And my memory . . . I have to write everything down otherwise I just do not remember what I am supposed to be doing. I feel that I've gone from a capable person to a bumbling idiot!

The good thing is that my heart palpitations have stopped altogether (these are definitely a hypo symptom for me) and the anxiety of have been feeling on waking each morning has eased. I'm thinking I might be moving in the right direction. Hope you do soon also.



Hi there my free T4 is 7.8 pmol/L

7.50 - 21.10pmol/L

which is only .50 from the lowest range.

My TSH level 2.99pmol/L

00.34 - 5.60 mu/L

Why would the free T4 be low are these readings normal.

On no thyroid meds


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