Contour = Nodule?

I really did not feel brilliant today and my neck felt more swollen so I went to the local walk-in centre.

I spoke to a triage GP and although he said he was no thyroid specialist himself, he could definitely feel a slight "contour" at my neck where one of the thyroid lobes are. I'm now wondering if he meant to say a nodule or that the lobe was enlarged?

He also said that I looked incredibly tired and hoped that I would be able to get on top of it soon - also to maybe speak to an Endo about it - possibly sooner than when I should be seeing her in April.

So yes, definite quandary - contour = nodule or lump or lobe? But at least now I know my GP has just been very blind to notice anything!

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jo xxx

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  • Hi, I went to my GP 2 years ago and she felt my neck and said exactly the same thing you were told. She ordered me an emergency ultra sound scan on my thyroid, and found I had a nodule on my left lobe. To cut a long story short after time I had a TT and pathology showed very early stage papillary thyroid cancer. Not saying this is the same for you, but please don't let anyone make you wait months to look into this. I wish you all the best and keep in touch :)

  • Hi Orangelady, thanks for your reply.

    I'm wondering if it is anything to worry about as the GP noticed some time ago that the muscles in the right side of my neck are much more defined than in the left. I don't do anything strenuous so I can't think how this has happened!

    I had a shower earlier and I was removing chunks of dry skin from my neck - especially the thyroid area. Nowhere else. I've also had pain in my right breast and that's now swelled up. I'm nowhere near my period date and I've only just come off one! So strange!

    Jo xxx

  • Reading the post from Orangelady is worrying but you have had a scan, haven't you, Jo? I thought I read it was clear, or am I remembering wrongly?

  • Hi Hennerton, thanks for your reply.

    Sorry, no, the ultrasound stated "thyroid mildly enlarged and mildly vascular."

    Jo xxx

  • Please try not to worry, I didn't put my reply to scare you, I just know from experience that some gps don't recognize thyroid issues quickly. If you are anxious about this, please push to be seen soon. Good luck and keep well x

  • Hi Orangelady, thanks for your reply. You didn't scare me. :)

    I'm going to post a question up regarding this as I know a bit more about what is going on.

    Jo xxx

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