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Please help!

Hi, I'm new on here & wondered if any of you can give me some advice?

I've been feeling very very poorly for about 4 years now. My hair is very dry & falls out in big clumps. My skin is horribly dry, my face is puffy, get anxiety attacks, abnormal periods, swollen throat all the time, dizziness, fainting, feeling like I can't breathe properly, really short tempered & moody, not being able to lose weight.. But most of all absolute extreme exhaustion, to the point it is ruining my life. I am only 27 & have 2 young children. I can barely get through the day.. My whole body is just heavy & my eyes are constantly rolling in my head from the tiredness. I'm always poorly with viruses & I sometimes feel like my whole body is just shutting down on me. I feel hopeless.

I have seen my doctors several times about it all, they tested me for everything.. I even was sent fir heart scans etc.. The only thing that showed up was that my hormone levels were below normal but were classed as 'borderline'. I was put on medication but didn't feel better at all and after having the dosage changed about 4 times by 4 different doctors the last one eventually decided that actually they are prescribing me anymore because actually I don't need it due to being 'borderline'

I have now not had another test for nearly 2 years & my life is a living hell. It doesn't feel worth living at all some days. Whatever this is has just taken over my life, I would give anything to just feel normal & well.

Should I demand the doctors retest and treat me?

P.s both my aunty & grandmother suffer from hypothyroidism


Charlene x

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Sorry you're having such a difficult time - perhaps you could go back and see a doctor that treated you (not the one that discontinued treatment). Perhaps you weren't treated for long enough or with a high enough dose, or perhaps you're one of us that need more than thyroxine. As you haven't returned they'll be assuming you're fine. Good luck.


Thanks for your post. I have returned several times in the past 2 years... But they just haven't tested my thyroid again yet. They have tested lots of other things but everything comes back fine.


Perhaps remind them, I always think it works best if you always return to the same doctor, as they seem to take more responsibility then, and know that you'll use up another appointment if they don't sort it out on this appointment. I'm just really persistent and have found it's worked for me. They also get to know you and how you look and can judge better how well you are just by looking. Just say no to the antidepressants that they always offer if you keep returning saying you're poorly ..


Do you have your last thyroid test results? I really feel for you, I was in a very similar situation a few years ago. I was also suffering for a long time. My younger son was only one year old at the time when I felt worst. I suffered with exhaustion, brain fog, headaches etc. It was horrible. I tried staying strong for my family. I succeeded but it was not an easy process and it didn't happen overnight. My life started changing for better and healthier after I discovered Thyroid UK Charity. My husband sent me to see Dr Skinner and now, 3 years later I finally feel almost like the old days, when I was feeling full of life. It can be done but you have to stay strong and do one step at a time.


Have you actually been on Levothyroxine or was it another medication. If it was Levo what dose were you on? If you were started very low and then not increased, your thyroid's own production is slowed down and you are no better off, sometimes even worse. Please, please, go back to your GP and ask for new thyroid tests and then post the results with the reference ranges. Always ask for results. You are entitled to have them. You have come to the right place and with everyone's help, will get put on the right track but do not believe your GP if he says results are normal until you have posted here.

You might also think about supplementing with good quality vitamins and minerals. The important ones are iron, ferritin, B12, Vit D and folate. Ask your GP if he will test these too. I found I had always had low iron but because it was only just below range, I was never told. I now take Spatone sachet every day. Hope you get good help soon.

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I suspect the entire reason you did not respond correctly to thyroxine is because your ferritin and folate are very very low

unless they are way above halfway in their ranges you cannot utilise thyroxine

so go back and insist on


free t4

thyroid antibodies





vit d3



and cholesterol

i will bet cholesteroll is high but ferritin and folate and free t4 are low

get copies of all your previous trsts and the lot above complete with reference ranges and post them here

then we can help you furthur

dont give up majority on here have been just like you .......victims of stupid ignorant medics

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I would try to find a doctor who will treat you for possible 'reverse T-3' issues. This means that while your TSH looks normal - you are not converting T4 to the active T3. I was initially diagnosed in the states - after decades of reporting symptoms that sounded like thyroid disease - only to be told TSH was normal. Finally found a doctor who was more willing to look at my symptoms...very low body temp, hair loss, insomnia, brain fog, mood swings, and so forth. In fact, I began on T3 only treatment and then T4 was added later. Now I find I am doing very well on the combo therapy. Good luck!!


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