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altho my GP is investigating another possible cause as suggested by the other GP i have seen-ie imipramine med and is probably liaising with her -still not accepting symptoms (in a way)and what I tell him. i was in so much pain yesterday whilst and after walking -pelvic abdominal breathless and choking, heavy legs etc had to do no more than go back to bed-3 hours sleep and to recover. have drafted a letter to practice manager not mentioning any specific gp or consultant but saying that in 3 years symptoms dismissed, not taken seriously and although seem to be accepting a little of what I say following my own research, still no diagnoses as not heard of various things.i think i should refer to some responses to my posts/questions .does anyone who have answered my posts have any objection and would they do so?

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  • hi louise anything that applies to me and I show anyone else I delete any personal info.

  • That's ok then! ;)

  • The practice manager works for, is hired by, the gps. In my experience, you will get absolutely nowehere, you are wasting precious energy. Be very careful as they will look you up on the system and see what gp you have been seeing and your letter will go straight to that gp

  • hello I was advised to contact the ccg.she is on the are right in what you say.the first and last time i wrote to her she passed the letter to my gp.what am I supposed to do?my pelvic pain is so bad,its one will accept that it is getting that bad .they dismiss thyroid and lupus symptoms cos "they cant feel anything" despite being clearly visible.clearly patients health doesn't come first anymore.why else would I have persistent pelvic pain etc?and receive non and mis diagnoses

  • what if I only mention consultants.i guess A&E is the only place to go to get answers.i have sent a letter to my gp which he should have got on Tuesday.

  • The practice manager and the admin staff hang out with the GP's. At my last practice, you'd see them close up at lunch time and stroll off together into the sunset (doctors with admin staff) to some local cafe where they'd have affairs and/or bitch about the patients. And one of the GP's ended up with one of the receptionists.

    Metaphorically and/or literally. Their wages are paid for by the practice; so the admin staff, reception manager and practice manager are there to perform the dirty deeds of the GP's that they represent, work for and are answerable to - especially the Senior Partners who own the firm. It's business. The doctors will often have weekly meetings in which to bitch about the patients and difficult cases. Who is a nuisance? Who is a rebel? Who is challenging? Who questions? You. And then they'll formulate and choreograph their evasive answers to your complaints. These people are as thick as thieves.

    Re your pelvis, pain, etc. Have you done a Vitamin D test? If so, what was your score and the lab's ref range? Have you also had a DEXA bone density scan? If so, what was the result? You need the lab printouts of these tests.

  • my gp did actually tell me they had been discussing me (after i complained to the PM)but wouldn't say what was said.never had a vit d test but do take vit D.never had a bone density scan either.if I ask for one dr just shrugs it off -wont refer me to a consultant ,so dont see doing so for anything else.

    im going to email my rheumys secretary with my lupus symptoms and try and get a diagnosis that way or an appointment?

  • Yes, of course they talked about you.

    Repeat your request that you want a Vitamin D blood test and a DEXA bone density scan. If that GP remains unwilling, see another GP at the same practice and make the same request. If the same happens, consider switching to another practice. Are there any benefits in staying with a lousy uncaring GP/practice?

  • hi londinium.from mine and others experience it seems to be the NHS these days.all practices same?not possible to change practices-already done so and no others in cant wont go back.A&E tomorrow.?so tired today wen tobed at 9 pm just woke up arms all floppy and bent and achy bent wrists

  • What about testing your Vit D privately?

  • Go to a and e. I dont use nhs gp. I only communicate by writing. I use a and e. Or the urgent care unit at guy's hospital. Use a private gp when i can afford it

  • do oyu go to A& E even if somethign minor?i ve sent letters to my gp btu see him in person fro any complaints.dont have an urgent care locally and local infirmary is minor injuries only.

  • didnt get to A&E after walking dogs too goddamn exhausted to do any more than go to bed.its a 90minute journey by bus.if I had gone could only have told them abdo and pelvic pain which is nothing new..have A&E ever said to you you need to see your gp we are only A&E ,you shouldnt come here cos you cant see your gp.?that was a previous occasion .

  • its a bank holiday practice doesn't open on Saturdays so next appt at least tues and then could be any gp.ambulance will still take you to A&E.?

  • thanks

  • Might be an idea, for members who do not know your history, to do a new post with all your symptoms, any tests done and the results, and any diagnosed disorders. Dont add anything you 'think' it may be or anything that hasn't been definately diagnosed.

    Im sure when it is down in that form someone may be able to come up with something relevant.

    Just a thought :)

  • they can read my profile.diangosed raynauds and arthritis prior to 1998.fibromyalgia in 2005 and onset of current symptoms in august 2011 but no diagnoses made-defntiely know i have symptoms of lupus,which starts with raynauds and can lay dormant fro years.havent time now btu may post an update whenhave time.

  • just reading my profile (diary)and have had many of these symptoms for year -two years at least-cough, pelvic pain.abdo swelling -increasing in size and hardness ,painful sore ribs,rashes,swellings,nasal sores and bleeds.-no diagnoses.been told it s an age thing -later changed to IBS-hwich is assumption -no other possibilities investigated

  • no i have never been turned away from a and e. You need to play the game. I list all my diseases the minute i get there and they take me seriously straight away

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