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I am awaiting a Thyroid Ultrasound as my GP says I have a Goiter and wants to get it looked at. I forgot to mention to her I've had a Head and Neck CT in the past 6 months too. My last blood tests came back as TSH 1.00 (range 0.4-4.0) which have changed and are changing frequently, sometimes my TSH is lower and my T4 20.1 (range 12.0-22.0) which also changes at each blood test.

Has anybody been diagnosed with a Goiter?

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I had a goitre 18 years ago it was so enlarged friends describe that I had half an Easter egg in my throat. Had total tt and after about 4months recovery I was fine. My thyroid levels at the time were through the roof and were refusing to lower, so I went from 1 extreme to the other but I have settled at 150mcg and rarely had to change


I have a multi nodular goiter with high antibodies (peroxidase) so have auto immune thyroiditis or hashis. Have you checked your blood test results for peroxidase levels? I have had the goiter for two years and it has grown a little but is still manageable. I have had all checks, ultrasound, camera down my throat etc and nodules are not cancerous. I have 6 monthly blood tests and my tsh is fine. I was advised by Endo that goiter could be removed should I wish to have it done for cosmetic reasons (I suppose that means if it gets too big and looks awful.. I have looked on line and they can really grow large) or if it interferes with breathing etc.

I am quite comfortable with my condition being managed. There are many arguments for taking thyroxine for this condition and many arguments against. I support the latter and will do everything possible to stay away from medication. I know that this may change if the goiter ever has to be removed or if my tsh becomes unstable. Thyroxine does have many side effects and there is plenty of literature on this.

I am conscious of my goiter although it is not commented on by others who do not seem to notice it. I have started collecting neck scarves!!!!

Hope this helps.....


I have symptoms of both, suffered palpitations for years, also started to go thin at the front of my scalp. My Mum is Hyperthyroid.

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