time to go back to A&E?cos it sonly A&E who give me answers gp s never have .woke this morning feeling more tired after taking hours to get to sleep-third night in a row-and with abdo pain and pressure..looking like I have lost more weight on my legs.totally -p...d off with family who despite telling them symptoms for last 2 years are actually worse than doctors-saying its allergies and food related even tho i have told them on numerous occasions that I am NOT allergic to anything and its nothing to do with food or diet other than that I never feel hungry.when will they listen -have shown my brother comments made by my friends here who all suggest it s thyroid (had symtpoms since at least august last year)or adrenals.

just got back from dog walk .for 2nd day difficult-feet painful.pressure on and soreness all around ribs and heavy legs.

time to get legal and sue the nhs for neglect???

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  • Anbuma

    I am really sorry you are having such a dreadful time with no assistance from your doctors.

    The last time you went to A&E you spent hours and discharged with no suggestions from them. Go to A&E as you really have not much option and you do have stomach pains.

  • I was at A&E a week ago (is this what you are referring to?)and the dr there acknowledged my weight/loss gain (my brothers comment was "she couldnt have known unless she had my medical history)crap!its cos I TOLD HER.how do I know its in my notes or not when gp dismisses it.had scans this time btu now dont know what to believe cos the hospital bloods said my ca125 was 15 in oct then14 last week whereas drs report said 37 in december.??they did recognise my pains were genuine ,A&E didnt say to go back to them after the scans but it was then 4pm and my dogs were at home alone since 8.30am.emailed gynae secretary and she said go back to A&E.PALS contacted the practice manager who has no clout over the gp's(??)it seems and said she ahd passed everyhtign to my gp as he was caring for me(is that what its called ?when they refuse to acknowledge what you tell them?),had the same this morning walking my dogs but not quite as bad as avoided the beach and hills.but still tightness in neck and adrenal areas?(sore both sides of spine at base of shoulder blades?)

  • sounds serious to me and time to insist they find out why

    from your symptoms i would be thinking cushings or ovarian cancer but what do i know

    just returning from visting a cousin who was back and forth for months to medics with typical gallstone pain and vomiting and only when he turned yellow with jaundice did they find pancreatic cancer

  • I ahd no gallstone pains (assuming they would be where the gallbladder is)or vomiting.

  • no one s mentioned cushings.gynae says it s not OC from scans on Tuesday.not entirely convinced cos drs don't give me any other reason.it is known as the silent killer cos hard to detect(does that mean with scans?)had gallbladder out last august so could be related to that-never had follow up appointment.thyroid mentioned or adrenals cause swelling?thyroid I think so now -gland sup neck tight hoarseness weight loss etc

    but then have skin rashes /unexplained bruising-discolouration round eyes= lupus??eye sight seems worse and question hearing??

  • assume scans would have detected infection or retained swabs etc following gallbladder op

    was it done laparoscopically ?

    gallbladder op can trigger thyroid problems but your symptoms seem OTT for that

    clearly with thosesymptoms something is seriously wrong esp with weight loss thats normally over active thyroid

    but enlarged stomach and skinny legs sounds more like cushings

    what kind of scan did they do .............just ultrasound or CT or MRI ?

  • hi there yes gallbladder was done laparoscopically (sorry couldn't remember the term for it),as had no follow up from consultant and my gp never gave me any advice its possible cos thyroid symptoms possibly began at the same time as had op.started with eyebrow hair loss.the only time i saw a dr after my op was to make sure the bruising i had around my pelvic area was normal- is that likely?it may have been from a previous op.

    the scans I ahd last Tuesday were ultrasound(where i had to drink 2 litres of water before hand)and then a trans vaginal scan by gynae who also scanned abdomen.

    i still dont understand why my gp wont do anything more.only had TSH done (3.2) and he said labs wouldn't do T3 and T4 if TSH was normal.if its not OC then he must realise something is causing my stomach to swell.i have complained him so many times that my stomach is getting more swollen .that it s not iBS as he assumes-no symptoms -never have had-yet told him that it is the reason fro weight gain.so why doesn't he refer me to find out what is going on.? he recorded me as beign obese with BMI .so told him(when I found out)you know it is all on my stomach and that I ahve lost weight elsewhere a few times so how can i be obese?will google cushings and see what it says.

    going back to A&E.

  • OK

    transvaginal OS will have ruled out Ovarian Cancer

    TSH of 3.2 IS NOT NORMAL it should be less than 1

    Hence clearly you are hypothyroid eyebrow loss confirms this

    skinny legs sounds like muscle wastage but i do not understand the weight loss plus the enlarged belly

    Your GP is wrong to refuse to do Free T4 and ferritin and folate plus thyroid antibodies

    The only disease i can think of which resembles " michelin man " is cushings so i suspect your adrenals are adding to the problems

    go to and join tpauk.com theres info on adrenal issues in their files section

  • thnak you i will

  • Hi, I thought that TSH had to be 10 before it was considered abnormal unless you you are already diagnosed as having hypothyroidism, in which case the therapeutic range under treatment is less than 1? Certainly that's what I've always been told?

  • Every where else in the world Hypothyroid is diagnosed when TSH is over 2.5

    here it depends on doctors ....some idiot at RCP has decreed that those with thyroid antibodies should have a TSH over 5 before they are treated and without antibodies a TSH of over 10

    Both of which are total nonsense

  • Those are the levels I had read about although I knew it was different in the U.S or if you were on medication already. I'm symptomatic at 3.5 but have been told it's something else as that is a perfect reading so have been bounced from Dr to Dr while they test for everything else. Getting ferritin, folate, B12 etc results this weds so will be interesting to see what is happening there!

  • I bet your cholesterol is high

    have they tested for thyroid Antibodies

    These doctors need to go back to school and understand the Pituarity feedback system

    Both my husband and my daughter and my grandaughter were severely ill with TSH of 3.5 and were diagnosed and treated

  • It's not 'something else', they just don't want to admit they were wrong!! My TSH is 3.3 & i've been off work over a month!

  • Everywhere else in the world? Really? So why do our doctors stick to 10 and 5 with antibodies? I was actually trying to find out at what level they treat in Italy for example as I have family there but could not find it. How did you find out???

  • The info has been common knowledge on these forums for some years

    British Thyroid Foundation along with BTA and RCP are all protecting their egos and refuse to admit they are wrong ...hence patients suffer

    i have been to hell and back over last 40 years with 1st husband then daughter and now 2 grandaughters all with hashis but all diagnosed with TSH of 2.9 to 3.2 but sky high antibodies

    Theres little i do not know about Thyroid thats for sure

  • Wow it really does run in families doesn't it? If I ever get diagnosed for it as I suspect I might have hashi I will have to keep a close eye on my children and future grandchildren.

    I wish there was a list that told you the ranges in other countries. It's so silly that doctors here refuse to lower it..so much unnecessary suffering :(

  • dont think dr s ahve done enough -they nee dto consider symptoms especaily a s there are sero negative blood tests

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