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Just noticed something :my thyroid feels different on one side,is this normal?

I was putting some lotion on my face and neck as I have drier skin that I used to and I noticed that when I tilt my head back and place my hand on the front of my neck and gently run down with my thumb on one side and my other fingers on the other side that there is a difference. On one side the thumb goes down vertically without a problem, but on the other side I can't go down straight I sort of have to go around "something" before I go down straight again.

Are the two sides of a thyroid meant to be the same size or is it like feet for example where one might be slightly bigger?

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bump :)


No idea if it's normal, but mine is only swollen on one side.


You might have a nodule or the thyroid lobe might be inflamed.

Do a drink test by drinking a glass of water in front of the mirror. If, as you swallow, you see a lump going up and down that side then it's likely you have a nodule.

You should take it to see your GP who can palpate it and depending on size and whether it is solid or soft, may recommend an ultrasound scan to get a better look at size, location and whether it's impacting on surrounding organs.

Nodules per se are common and won't necessarily become problematic but it's wise to let the GP have a looksee.

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Tried the drinking test again but still didn't see anything.

Will definitely mention what I noticed at my next appointment and maybe my doctor will actually examine me.

Thanks Clutter and HarryE :)


Yes, mine's more noticeable on the right although the goitre is said to be "small & smooth" !


Hi Midwinter,thanks for the reply. Are you able to see it when you look in the mirror or are you able to feel it?


I can only see it in the sense that I've never had that sort of "V" of tendons that most people have at the bottom of their neck; my neck has never looked slender, no matter how thin I've been! I know from the endos that it is more prominent on the right, and although it's not particularly noticeable, if you knew what to look for you probably could see it a bit more on that side. I can feel it if I stretch my neck forward and back. I do get the impression it varies a bit.

I have Graves; apparently that doesn't always produce a large goiter (although it's bad enough in other ways)


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