I am allergic to cobalt, can I take methycobalamin? (My B12 is 344 range 246 -911)

Ferratin and folate could be higher also. I will add additional high B12 products to diet, but would like to supplement. I am not sure if cobalamin has the same properties as coblt. Does anyone else have a cobalt allergy? Can you tolerate B12 supplements?

I haven't been able to find an answer to this anywhere. Many thanks. Sandra

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  • This is an explanation re methylcobalamin:-


    I do not know if Hydroxocobalamin (injectable B12) contains cobalt.

  • This might help:

    Vitamin B12 injections administered to allergic individuals may produce a red, tender and itchy area around the site of the injection. Oral ingestion of vitamin B12 is known to cause intractable hand eczema is some patients.

    Quite a bit more by following this link:



  • Shaws and Rod,

    Thank you for the clear information - I can see now that B12 does contain cobalt and can cause a reaction in some people. At patch testing (for allergy to sticky surgical dressings) I had a nasty blister form from the cobalt patch (and a further one from nickel) which took about 4 weeks to heal. I have developed some odd patches of eczema since. I think it is wise I don't supplement with B12 for now, but will discuss with GP. It looks like I should be having clams for tea. Have ordered some other high B12 food from the supplier of my veg box (fortunately I am not vegetarian so this will not be a problem for me). I never would have known that certain vitamins contained metals; I only suspected when I saw the name cobalamim. It also makes me wonder whether a thyroid problem can make you more prone to allergies. I used to be fine with everything, but now seem to have issues with the metals above, sticky things, gluten, (perhaps cow dairy) and sadly alcohol. Sandra

  • Glad you have got something from our links.

    This might also be of interest, but please be sceptical because they are simply comments by random people on the internet. But they might be very relevant!



  • I'm having the same exact problems. It's like which comes first the chick or the egg. I don't know if thyroid problems make you prone to allergies. I kind of think all the sensitivities put hormones out of whack thus causing thyroid probs. But same as you I have all those allergies: gluten, cobalt, gold not to mention every possible pollen. And FYI you will have alcohol allergies if your allergic to gluten cause it is in most alcohol especially beer. There are a few alcoholic beverages without gluten.

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