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Helping myself

So far I have started taking the following to try & help myself at least. Does anyone have any advice as to whether there is anything else I could/should be doing please?

2 Spatone sachets per day, taken in orange juice

2 1000mg VitC & Zinc

2 NutriAdrenal

2 glasses of water with seasalt

Brazil nuts for Selenium

Is there anything else you think I can try? I have some NutriAdrenal Extra too, but was going to work up to that once I have got used to the others over a few days - is that wise?

At my endo appt on Friday, he sent off to retest the TG antibodies that were over 25 times higher than range on my Genova test, & also requested cortisol too. But no treatment as 'your bloods are all in range'

Thanks x

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Looks like a good nutritional package you've got there. I always take magnesium aswell, as this mineral is really important for mitchondrial function, balancing hormones and the nervous system tec. A really good important all-rounder. Including the Nutri Adrenal Extra should be ok. If the dose of the nutrients you are already taking is in the Nutri Adrenal Extra, there's no point doubling up. So save your money and stop taking the individual nutrients if the same quantities are in the Nutri Adrenal Extra when you start taking it - that's what I would do anyway :-)


Thank you! I started the others before I got the NA as I could get them quickly. So will use up my stocks first.


I find a glass of red wine works wonders for helping me sleep


I'm not having trouble sleeping - quite the reverse. Although I do like red wine :-)


r0dg3r, You are lucky! Since being on thyroid medication, I, like many others here, have unfortunately acquired a degree of alcohol intolerance. Sadly, far from helping me to relax or sleep, even one small glass of (any shade) wine can actually make me feel ill.


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