strange morning symptom

This may sound totally barmy, but i am having this very weird sympton that only occurs when i wake up. It feels like the muscles in my eyelids have lost their strength, and i have great difficulty in opening my eyes.

This has been happening for the last 3 weeks or so, very odd does any one else have this symptom.

Any info much appreciated

Dotti x

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  • You may need a slight increase in medication. I still get it but it's definitely improved.

  • I have it intermittently in my left eye. I call it 'eye lag'. Its taken 5-10 minutes to open the eye at times. I have constant pain in the eye socket when I blink and along top of cheekbone and jaw hinge into temple.

    Dental causation has been ruled out. GP doesn't note any swelling or visible cause and suggests its a tension pain resulting from eye strain and has recommended an eye check up, which is, indeed, very overdue. I'm not convinced 'eye lag' is related to eye strain though.

  • Hi,

    Iv had this from time to time, sometimes if i wake up during the night or in the morning i cant open my eyes, their not sticky just no strength in the lids.

    Some time ago i got tested for mysthenia gravis before this symptom occured, i know from research that this can be a symptom of MG as well.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies i am also very overdue on eye test, so will get one booked.

    Dotti x

  • Droopy lids are often flagged up in pictures of Hypothyroid people. Hypo people often tilt their heads back when talking because of the half closed eyes in some cases - or heavy lids. You will see that from time to time with characters on TV ! T3 needed in the muscles - there are muscles involved in the eyelid function.....sorry no scientific evidence to support my observations - but have read something - somewhere ....

  • Thanks Marz for the info

    Dotti x

  • I have exactly the same symptoms. It is really hard to open my eyes in the morning but no crustiness. It got better when I first went on Levothyroxine but has returned now after about 10 years, even though I have increased T 4 from 75 to 100, the eyes still won't open in the mornings.

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