Don't you just love our NHS?

In Nov 2016, I went for a free NHS health check run by an outsourced company. They discovered by BP was high and referred me to GP. Saw GP and he referred me for 24 hour monitoring which took place on 29th December.

Fast forward to 22nd April and I receive a letter from our local hospital where I had the monitoring dated 6th December 2016!! Offering me an appointment on 29th December 2016!!! God help us all!!

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  • Sorry to hear that. It happens in my area frequently as the administration has been outsourced to a private company.Not sure how it is set up where you are but often there is just the booking hub phone number on letters and again they are often outsourced so can't do much. I usually phone direct and speak to the relevant dept or consultants secretary as they are pretty helpful. Hope you get another appt asap

  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for replying. I've had the appointment it was on 29th December. Everything's done and dusted - no idea why they're sent the appointment to me again! Weird!

  • It's worth making sure that they know the score on the appointment - the date is passed, you did attend, and you have no outstanding appointments for this health issue (if that is true).

    If they get their knickers even further in a twist and decide you didn't attend then that would be marked down on your records, which is definitely something to be avoided.

  • Yes I will do. Had to cancel and endo appointment for last week as no blood forms were sent to me yet again!! Luckily I've switched hospitals now. The old hospital sent me an appointment for August despite having been advised by letter that I should come off all medications. They'd have me dead!!

  • Glad you had the appt - sorry, I must have misread (happens a lot!).

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