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missing blood results

the endo had me registered at a diff surgery and i told him but my dr has no reults so called the other surgery to see if they had them and she told me if they arrived there they would reject them so i called hospital and they are gonna fax a copy to my dr so ill call again tomorrow as its a moody receptionist today......i knew the endo was a flippin idoit

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{{{ Mandy }}}

Just what you need, NOT!


thankyou.........really starting to get to me now


beginning to think endo is hiding something

his receptionist said she would fax my blood test results to dr's on tuesday

call dr today for print out an theres no results and the receptionist looked everywhere

so i call hospital and she says they were faxed on tuesday so i explain they sre not there and ask for them to be emailed to me or sent in the post and she said im not allowed a copy and she will fax them through again

they are my results and im entitled to them

will call drs again monday to see if they have arrived and if they aint i may have to complain yet again


they actually got faxed through today so picking them up soon


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