Patient transport?

My first endo appointment has been moved from 2 months' time to next week. :))

The only problem is I may need transport to take me there. How do I go about getting this transport?

As far as NHS Low Income guidelines state, I am eligible since:

- I receive Jobseeker's Allowance

- I receive Working Tax Credit but on a joint claim (partner is main claimant but the money goes into my account to float it)

- I receive help with health costs as I'm medically exempt from paying prescriptions.

Anyone help me out with this?


Jo xxx

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Are you disabled? Usually transport is only available for patients who are disabled and need assistance from ambulance crew. There are volunteer car drivers who do hospital runs but again from my experience with my elderly mother they only step in when there is a physical need and no other way for the patient to attend. I would be surprised if you could get transport purely on money grounds.

Ah. No, I'm not disabled. I wasn't aware of that being a restriction. It's very far away however - the other side of Bristol. Sorry, it wasn't really on money grounds exactly. Frenchay hospital is 4.3 miles from me. Is that still not far enough?


Jo xxx

Hi Jo, I think you have to ask your Gp/ surgery for transport to hospital appointments,my husband used to do voluntary driving for nhs using his own car!

Hi Beverley!! Thanks for your reply. I really feel for your husband doing voluntary driving with his own car!! I might have to go through my practice manager about this matter as my GP is very popular and I doubt I'll be able to talk to her about this by the time my appointment comes round!! Nightmare!!

Jo xxx

Hi again Jo ,my husband doesn't do voluntary driving anymore,he really enjoyed it but would work 10 hours a day backwards and forwards to the hospitals,with only one tea break if he was lucky,and being a porter aswell,he took abled and disabled patients to appointments,hope you can get some transport to your app!xx

Hi Beverley - Sorry!! I read your answer wrong by thinking he didn't like it. Sorry! LOL. One tea break? :o

I wasn't able to get transport to my appointment via my GP. I went up there and discussed it with the receptionist - apparently if I can make my own way to the surgery I can make my own way to the hospital - despite it being 4 or so miles away!

Jo xxx

I have replied to your 'post' on this matter .....and if anyone needs info on transport please post ----- I cracked this a long time ago ---- alan xx

You need to phone your local patient transport office...the criteria is based on a number of questions they will ask you and you need to pass their assessment of need. It is not based on what benefits you are recieving.

Good luck

This is the information on eligibility for hospital transport in Bristol which indicates you would not meet the criteria

You may get help with the cost if you are on benefits but is it worth the hassle for a bus fare, info also on the same site.

Hi Yorkshiregirll!! Really? I need to do that? It's literally a couple of days away, would they still be able to help me?


Jo xxx

How did you get on with the transport quest, did you manage to get any booked?

Hi, no. I got nowhere with it. I spoke to the receptionist and she said quite simply if I can make my own way to the GP surgery I can make my own way to the hospital appointment.

Jo xxx

Had a word with the practice receptionist - long story short I'm not entitled to patient transport. Apparently if I can make my own way to the GP practice I can make my own way to the hospital.

She did say I can claim the money back for the bus fare but after looking on the NHS website it appears that this is no longer the case. They stopped this in April 2013.

Grandparents cannot take me either - so it'll just have to be me. :(

Jo xxx

Sometimes I can barely walk, other days I can and have had to drag myself to hospitals in a different town of late which means a walk, a bus then a train then another bus, this has happened quite a bit recently....The attitude appears to be 'tough' just get on with it if you want to see the consultant. Its a harsh tough world when you become unwell I am sorry to say! :-(((((((((((((((((((((

Yes, it sometimes appears to be the case!

I sometimes feel that way about jobseeking as I sign on once every 2 weeks - early in the morning too (at 9am) so I have to get up at 7:30am once every 2 weeks to get to the Jobcentre! My boyfriend doesn't understand the hassle I have about getting up so early and not feeling like it so yes I do tend to just get on with it kind of thing.

Thanks missdove!!

Jo xxx

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