13,000 Members

13,000 Members

Having been anticipating this for a while - we have now hit 13,000 members here on HU/TUK.

So we now have somewhere in the region of 1% of diagnosed thyroid sufferers in the UK.

If everyone here manages to get one additional person to join in the next year, by early 2015 we will get to 2%. Doing the same the next year then by early 2016 we would hit 4%...


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I encourage many people to join who I run into... and also members over on HSF who quite clearly may have Thyroid issues! Well done. MaryF x

ahh - the purple people graph!

Welcome everyone - but sorry you're here - please feel free to ask questions so members can try to help. J :D

posting hints & tips here....


onwards and upwards .....just goes to prove that something is being done right ----- let us all have an extra glass when it reaches 15000 [ that milestone aint that far off ] ---- well done to all who have helped this achievement ....alan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Im a Canuck though..lol First generation...British parents:)

BUT...pretty much every second woman I talk to now, has thyroid issues...

I don't recall that from women growing up years 70's, 80's etc..seems more now!

Didn't think about the non-UK members...! Sorry! ;) x

I made a bit of an allowance for "foreigners" in my percentages! :-)

:) tsk tsk...lol

Of course you did! ;) xx

Wow! That is an amazingly speedy increase.........am I surprised though? .......No.

I have discovered people with thyroid problems in all corners of my life.......hairdressers,surgery,art group,neighbours,friends.........you name it ,they're everywhere.

When I consider that my mother suffered serious problems all her life ( 1909 - 1992) I don't have much faith in whether any progress is being made via the NHS.

Thank goodness we have HU TUK here to try to guide and assist all who badly need help.

It's a big THANK YOU from me.X

That's brilliant! Knowledge is power etc and welcome to all the newbies

Wouldn't it be great if the research and medical professions could find a cure and this site became a social club?

While I dream, thank you for the help and support TUK and HU provide and congratz on 13,000 membership.

Bumping into so many people that have thyroid symptoms that it's unbelievable, a few years back I never knew much about 'Thyroids.'

Funny how my ears prick up when I hear someone even whisper the word Thyroid, Fibromyalgia or overhear their thyroid symptoms being mentioned. I quite enjoy helping them, point them in the right direction and of course onto this site. ;) :)

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