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Plasma Folate too high, Serum Ferritin far too low - what can I take??

I have just received blood test results and it shows Folate as 24 (4 - 20) and states 'above high reference range' whilst my Ferritin is 56 (11 - 307) which, while it is in range is too low for my liking. Is there anything I can take for the Ferritin which won't raise the Folate to astronomical heights (indeed would it be a problem if it did??) My B12 is 652 (180 - 914) and I have a B12 jab due on Thursday - I know you cannot overdose on that but methinks I will have a problem walking near magnets quite soon !!

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I found this article which focusses on folates in diet and supplements:

In general, it does not seem to find much to worry about but there are a few specific concerns.


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Thanks for that Rod, I have stopped supplementing Folate for now. It is very tricky to work out what to supplement and what not to take - I was very low on Vit D early last summer so took a large dose and then a daily supplement. I passed a kidney stone in September and have recently read that there could be a connection!! My Vit D reading is currently 107 (50 - 150) but, although I would prefer it higher I am reluctant to take anything.


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